Christmas Tree Adventure!!

We love going to get a Christmas Tree.  It's an adventure we look forward to every year.  We've tried a lot of different farms, and they're all good for different reasons- but we've found one we love and I thought I'd share with you! I didn't receive a discount or free product for this review, I'm just sharing because we love it there.

Oak Shade Farm is a little bit of a drive, but we think it's well worth it! The trees are a fair price considering what you'd pay at a stand with White Pines at $37 and Norway Spruces for $42.  Any size tree is the same price, so if you're looking for a really big tree it's an especially good price!

When you first arrive at the farm, the friendly staff directs you to a parking space.  There's a large greenhouse space with a wood stove, coloring tables, free cookies and cider, and the most recent family of baby bunnies for your children to hold and snuggle.
After that, you can hike out down the trail the family has established back to a log cabin and a tree that is over a century old.  They've also taken the time to label many of the indigenous Virginia species of trees with cards that list the name, scientific name, and a picture of what the tree looks like in the fall and summer.
Finally, you can walk out into the fields and pick a tree.  There are saws provided and bailing and shaking are free.  There's also a bonfire if you get too cold! We love our trip out to the mountains to get a tree!  If you're interested, there's also homemade rugs, ceramics, jams, honey and more! If you're looking for a weekend daytrip, Oak Shade is definitely worth the drive!