Review: Stella and Dot by Eryn Cadoff

You know the famous blue boxes from a certain jewelry company we all know of? One you might have Breakfast at?

They don't have a thing on the Stella and Dot packaging that stylist Eryn Cadoff introduced me to this week!! I almost refused to open the gift packaging that comes on each piece of jewelry in the Stella and Dot line because it's just that cute!!

I mean, seriously!! How cute are these boxes?

However, I knew there was jewelry inside, so I finally managed to open it- especially since it's reusable (I really like the box y'all!).  Inside was a bracelet just as gorgeous as the packaging is adorable.  You might recognize it from the October 2010 issue of Cosmo.  Super Cute.  I'm pretty sure that I can wear it with anything I want to dress up a little bit, or with my favorite Little Black Dress when I'm really wanting to wow someone :) I should go tell my husband it's date night.....hmmmmm

The whole Stella and Dot collection is adorable.  And, as a bonus, it's a Mom-Friendly business on both ends.  Stylist Eryn Cadoff is able to work and be with her kids, and you can shop and get great discounts by hosting an in-home jewelry consultation!!

Here are some of my favorites from the collection.  (If you were confused by my cryptic Michelle Obama message on Thursday, let me clear that up now).

I love MIchelle Obama's style.  I'm not getting political, believe me I swing to the opposite side of the spectrum, but the woman can dress!! I especially love the floral details she incorporates into her fashion.  If you liked her innaguration week look with the pearls and floral broaches (here) or in the multi-layer floral (here), then you'll probably love any of these:

However, if flowers aren't your thing, or you like a little more of a contemporary look, they have a few different options, including the Penelope Necklace, and Goa Earrings (which are pictured here):
They also have mix and match hammered metal pieces and birthstone briolettes you can use to create your own momma necklace, which I think are really cute and simple enough to wear every day.

There are hundreds of pieces in this gorgeous line, including a few coordinating mother/daughter pieces if your little girl is a diva with her accessories, too!!  

If you're loving what you see- you're in luck! Eryn is offering PWC Moms readers a chance to win a $50 gift certificate this week!! And, you can take your money even further if you win (or score some free jewelry even if you don't!) by booking a trunk show with her by the end of January! When you do, you'll get $75 in free jewelry credit on a qualifying show!

For your chance to win, leave comments this week on the PWC Moms status updates, join Eryn's Facebook fan page- www.facebook.com/StylebyEryn, and visit Eryn's website- www.stelladot.com/eryn and leave a message here on the blog letting us know what you'd spend your $50 gift card on! Good luck picking just one item!! Remember- each option for entry (PWC Moms update responses, joining Eryn's page, and leaving a comment here) is a separate chance to win!!

This Contest is closed, but you can still use Eryn's site to order! I personally just hooked myself up with a Charlotte Necklace and matching ring courtesy of my hubby's visa! Thanks baby! :)

(By the way, if you don't want the box your jewelry comes in.....I'd be happy to keep it for you :)

Thanks to Eryn for her support of PWC Moms!! I know we all love jewelry and a chance to win some for free is even better!!


Getting Your Child to Love Reading

Some kids take naturally to reading.  My 2 year old, for example, makes me read on a daily basis until I can no longer speak because my throat has gone dry.  Others can do it, but might prefer a root canal.

Whether your child loves books or maybe needs a little encouragement, here are some great resources!!

1) Parents with children on the spectrum can sign them up for a Book Club through POAC if they are between ages 4-12 and on the high end of the spectrum, able to separate from parents.

2) Signed up for Book-It yet? Ask your child's teacher!! Prefer non-food options? The Potomac Nationals also offer a reading program for schools!! Chuck E Cheese also offers printable incentive charts if that's more your style!

3) Want to DIY it? You can download book club discussion materials and get suggestions about age-appropriate selections from Wake County Schools.

4) Take your child to an honest-to-goodness independent bookstore.  These stores are amazing and truly set up to encourage children to love books.  Try Fairy Godmother Bookstore in DC, Jabberwocky in Fredericksburg, or Hooray for Books in Alexandria.  Yes, yes, I know that the mega-mart down the street has more selection and a 50% off sale, but I also know that there's nothing like a magical bookstore.  Plus, if you like a deal that much (or if you're like me and love the smell of old books!) check out Prospero's in Manassas.  They've got beautiful classics and gently loved newer titles, too!

5) Speaking of local independent bookstores, Three Story Tellers in Occoquan offers Book Clubs for children in grades 1-4 that include a snack, craft and time to meet the author!! I've got my 1st Grader signed up and think you should, too!! (Yes, I made this bigger so you'd notice it). We miss Three Story Tellers now that they're gone!!

Got other ideas? Please share them in the comments below!! Have you hosted a book club? Does your school offer one? Let me know!


I Just Need a Night OFF!!!

Hey There Mommas!!

If your house is anything like our house, you just spent winter break with between 1 and 5 sick children/husbands (well, hopefully 1 husband, but you know, we're not here to judge), while running around like a crazy woman cooking, cleaning, entertaining, and spending 4 hours in line at Toys R Us Christmas Eve because your sweet baby angel child decided that Santa was only bringing them ONE thing and it wasn't one of the 2,000 toys you and your family bought them.

Good times!!

So, perhaps you are in need of a little break.  Now, I happen to be a spoiled brat and live within 20 minutes of our fabulous Grandma who babysits pretty much every Friday night (sleepover included).  However, since she's recently gone back to school, which I am so proud of her for doing, we need alternate plans.

If you, too, would like to get a few hours of grownup quiet time, here's a little list of options :)

1) Kids In Motion has Kids Night Out EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY NIGHT!! Your child can play from 5:30-9:00pm for $25 for the first child and $15 for siblings. That includes dinner at 6:15.  Kids in Motion also offers a special New Year's Eve service that includes a sleepover.

2) Lake Ridge Park offers a drop off event for ages 4 and older.  There are only 12 spots, so reserve early!! $15/date or $50 for all four Saturdays.
Option One: Holiday House- Kids celebrate the holiday with games, activities, and crafts. 703-792-7060
*New Years, January 8th 6-9pm
*Valentine's Day, February 12 6-9pm
*St. Patrick's Day, March 12 6-9pm
*Spring Fling, April 9 6-9pm
Option Two: Bingo (Ages 4-10) based on a new theme each week, and everyone is a winner!!
*Kings & Queens, January 15, 10-1
*Celebrate the Presidents, February 19, 10-1
*Community Helpers, March 19, 10-1
*Wonders of the World, April 16, 10-1

3) Pump it Up Inflatable Playzone offers Kids Night Out on Black Friday (score!!), Valentine's Day, and the First Friday of every night.  Have a child on the spectrum? They also offer a Sensory Integration Night on the 3rd Thursday of the Month.  Prices vary, so check the link!!

4) SportRock is admittedly far away, but soooo cool!! An indoor rock climbing experience, SportRock offers a Kids' Night for ages 6-14 from 6:30-8pm.  At $20 with all equipment provided, this would be an awesome choice for a more active older child who's outgrown the moonbounces. (Can you outgrow moonbounces? I don't know, I still love them!!)

5) The Little Gym offers various "Parent Survival Nights" at their locations across Virginia.  Find the location nearest you on the link above and pick a night!!

Perhaps you have your own babysitter? Make sure they're American Red Cross Certified through the Safe Sitter Course!!

Ages 11-15 can take the Babysitter Course at the Freedom Center on February 5th or March 12th from 9am-4pm.
Anyone ages 11 and up can take Infant/Child CPR on April 9th from 9am-4pm at the same site.  Both courses are $75.

Prefer the other side of the county? Chinn Aquatic and Fitness Center offers Baby Sitter Training, too! Baby Sitter Training I for ages 11-15 is $65 and can be taken on January 22, February 26, March 19 or April 16.  Baby Sitter Training II for ages 11-15 includes infant/child CPR and can only be taken after Baby Sitter I.  It's $60 and held on March 26.

Stay Sane Mommas!