Getting Your Child to Love Reading

Some kids take naturally to reading.  My 2 year old, for example, makes me read on a daily basis until I can no longer speak because my throat has gone dry.  Others can do it, but might prefer a root canal.

Whether your child loves books or maybe needs a little encouragement, here are some great resources!!

1) Parents with children on the spectrum can sign them up for a Book Club through POAC if they are between ages 4-12 and on the high end of the spectrum, able to separate from parents.

2) Signed up for Book-It yet? Ask your child's teacher!! Prefer non-food options? The Potomac Nationals also offer a reading program for schools!! Chuck E Cheese also offers printable incentive charts if that's more your style!

3) Want to DIY it? You can download book club discussion materials and get suggestions about age-appropriate selections from Wake County Schools.

4) Take your child to an honest-to-goodness independent bookstore.  These stores are amazing and truly set up to encourage children to love books.  Try Fairy Godmother Bookstore in DC, Jabberwocky in Fredericksburg, or Hooray for Books in Alexandria.  Yes, yes, I know that the mega-mart down the street has more selection and a 50% off sale, but I also know that there's nothing like a magical bookstore.  Plus, if you like a deal that much (or if you're like me and love the smell of old books!) check out Prospero's in Manassas.  They've got beautiful classics and gently loved newer titles, too!

5) Speaking of local independent bookstores, Three Story Tellers in Occoquan offers Book Clubs for children in grades 1-4 that include a snack, craft and time to meet the author!! I've got my 1st Grader signed up and think you should, too!! (Yes, I made this bigger so you'd notice it). We miss Three Story Tellers now that they're gone!!

Got other ideas? Please share them in the comments below!! Have you hosted a book club? Does your school offer one? Let me know!

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