"Race to Stop Traffick"

October 17th at 9am, join others from around the region in a "Race to Stop Traffick" 5k.  The 1 mile fun run ($15)  and timed 5k ($25) will also feature a post-race food stop and family fun activities including a moon bounce.  You can register HERE or visit them on Facebook to learn more.

100% of proceeds will go to Operation Underground Railroad.


Meet DPGolf Academy!

Today we delve a little bit deeper with DPGolf Academy! They've got a GREAT giveaway coming up next week, so pay attention- you might just learn something that can help you win!! 

PwcMoms: Thanks for chatting with me today! To start off with, can you tell me a little bit about why inspired your business? 
As many of us approaching retirement ponder, in 2008 after serving in several capacities for 25 years with the Prince William County Police Department, I began to think “okay, what’s next?” I had a very rewarding career with the PWC Police Department as an officer, leader and teacher and needed to come up with a plan for my “2nd career.” While with the department, I had a unique opportunity to develop my teaching experience in a wide range of disciplines, gaining extensive experience and earning several certifications as a physical fitness specialist and teaching professional. I designed and coordinated the physical fitness training programs and requirements for new officers as well as the SWAT Team. One of the most rewarding experiences was my time at the police academy – providing a solid foundation for success and helping new recruits reach their individual goals.
I had played high school golf but drifted away from the game for many years. After looking into the Professional Golf Association of America’s certification program, I thought, “wow, what an opportunity to combine my formal teaching experience with my love of the game.” In 2003 I opened the DPGolf Academy in Bristow, VA. It has given me a chance to grow even more as a business owner, professional golf instructor, and mentor to my teaching staff and students.

PwcMoms: What's your favorite aspect of working with children?
While I enjoy working will all age groups and skill levels, teaching juniors is one of the most rewarding. Kids come to the game with much enthusiasm and energy, and an open mind. That means we have a great opportunity to get them started early on the right path to learning the game – they tend to be more open minded and trust what we are trying to teach them. And when they connect the dots – well, seeing that and their smiles is the best part.

PwcMoms: What do children gain from golf? 
I think that some of the most important things children can learn from our programs and working with me and my staff is as teachers and mentors is proper sportsmanship, effective problem solving, good listening and learning skills, and most importantly, building self confidence.

PwcMoms: What all do you offer for families? Are there any programs people can do together?
Yes, we have several options for families:
Our five-part series is designed to bring families together through golf, and provides significant savings. We cover course familiarization, etiquette and rules, and basic fundamentals of the game. Schedule according to your availability.

·       Five – 60 Minute Sessions
·       Cost: $400 per Family

A great lower cost option for couples, friends, or co-workers who want a more tailored instructional program. Semi-private instruction is customized to the group’s experience level and can cover any part of the game – short game, putting, full swing, or any combination. Take single 60 minute lesson or save on 5 lesson series. Schedule when convenient for you.
Lesson Time: 60 Minutes
Number of Students                       Cost               Series of Five
Group of 2                   $50 Per Student          $200 Per Student
Group of 3                   $45 Per Student          $175 Per Student
Group of 4                   $40 Per Student          $150 Per Student

This instructional program is designed to teach you everything needed to play golf in just a few lessons. Our PGA Professionals will show you many ways to play by combining fun, friends and fitness. Each session focuses on the various golf skills you’ll use while playing. In addition to learning the basics, you’ll put your skills into action on the golf course in a casual, friendly setting. Register with a friend and save $20 on your class registration.

PwcMoms: Do you offer any special programs for schools or scouts?
Yes, we have delivered our Pee Wee Golf Class to PWC schools and have also designed a program to help Boy Scouts earn the Golf Merit Badge. We also offer a High School Golf Prep course to help students prepare for the HS golf season and explore collegiate opportunities.

PwcMoms: Where can people find you online? 


Giveaway: "Playground to Paris" Photography Workshop!

This week's giveaway is an awesome one if you've got aspirations of being a shutter bug!! Check it out, and remember- since spaces are limited, you can go ahead and sign up NOW if you want to ensure that you get a spot, and if you win, your fee will be refunded! 

Maybe it was Christmas morning when you received your first DSLR camera. Or shortly before or after the birth of your first child. You planned to document every milestone with crisp clarity - so perfect that it would appear that you were reliving the moment with each glance of the photograph. You excitedly opened the new box and unloaded a piece of machinery that weighs more than a small child and has more buttons and controls than an airplane cockpit. How in the world will you ever understand how to use this investment? All you wanted were a few good shots of your family!!! 

If you can relate to this common Mom dilemma, then this workshop is for you! 

Don't resort to accepting iPhone shots of your daughter's recital. Don't be ok with your son all blurry as he scores the winning goal! Or worse! Is your "good" camera stored at home - and you aren't even sure where! Gain control of your DSLR and proudly carry it with you to all your events and USE it like a Pro! 

"Playground to Paris" is a 3-hour hands-on experience with Rachael Nichols, teacher and photographer, as you learn how to get your DSLR OFF of Auto and ON to great family memories.

What's included:
Meet other beginning camera users who share your struggles of learning to use their DSLR camera
Discover what all the buttons are and when is the appropriate time to use which setting
An explanation and practical practice of the basics needed for Correct Exposure using Manual Mode. 
How to best work with kids/adults
Hands-on practice inside the meeting room and outside on the streets of Occoquan 
Complimentary Professional Headshots for all attendees (because you deserve to be in the spotlight too!)
Take-home materials for continued practice and review
Morning and Afternoon Snacks
Gift and raffle items 
Invitation to join an informative and interactive Facebook group open to workshop attendees only
Discounts for future sessions and workshops with Parlez-Vous Photography

Other details:
This practical and hands-on workshop will be held on
Sunday, October 4th. 9am-12pm
The Loft Gallery in Historic Occoquan
313 Mill Street, Occoquan VA

**Use the Coupon Code: “PWCMoms" for a discounted rate of $100 (valid for registration before 10/06/15 

Limited seats are available. Please register early to ensure you have a spot. All participants will need to provide their own camera for use in class. 
While this class is perfect for parents wishing to photograph their families, it is also a great place for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of their DLSR camera in a hands-on, practical setting. 

AND it gets better! Enter this week’s giveaway for your chance to win a FREE spot at the workshop for YOU AND A FRIEND!!
(Spots are limited. Register now to be sure you have a spot. If you are selected as the winner, your registration will be fully refunded)

For questions or to learn more about Parlez-Vous Photography (@parlezvousphotography on FB and Instagram), visit, www.parlezvous.org or email photography@parlezvous.org

Remember- by entering you agree to our Giveaway Rules!! 



We're super excited to share Theaterpalooza with you- especially since one of my kids is going to be participating in their winter show!! Sign ups are still available and since it's a developmental program, there's no audition experience necessary! 
Is Coming to Manassas

Manassas, Virginia - July 20, 2015 - Theaterpalooza is excited to be moving in to the Manassas neighborhood this fall, 2015.  Starting Tuesday, September 8, classes in acting, singing, dance and productions will begin at The Ben Lomond Community Center 10501 Copeland Dr, Manassas, VA 20109.

Our first production is the musical,
The Snow Queen.  If you like
Frozen, you'll love The Snow Queen, the classic fairy tale in which Frozen is based.

About Theaterpalooza
Theaterpalooza is an arts education organization for children of all ages which seeks to elevate arts education in the form of classes, workshops, productions, theatre in the schools and tours.

Since 1997, Theaterpalooza has been offering classes, workshops and productions from New York to Florida.

Theaterpalooza has performed twice at Carnegie Hall; the first being "From Sea To Shining Sea" March of 2014 and the second performance in 2015, the debut of the children's opera "Billy Bewitched".  Theaterpalooza has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall for a third time on February 12, 2016.

Theaterpalooza's performing troupe, Broadway Bound has recorded cd's, and performed all over the east coast from New York to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Theaterpalooza seeks to instill a love of the arts in every life we touch and takes pride in creating the dreamers and doers of tomorrow!


Atlanta with Kids

The second stop on this summer's road trip (read part one here) was in Atlanta.  We could've obviously spent a ton of time just in that city, but since we're trying to hit all 50 states before the kids leave for college, we're on a deadline.

Atlanta is supposed to have an amazing Aquarium, but we can do that in Baltimore, and they've got some good civil war history, but we live in Manassas for cripes sake, so we don't need ANY MORE of that.  So, we decided to go to the World of Coca Cola Tour.

Now, let's back up.  If you are going to be in Atlanta for a few days, you should GET A CITY PASS. These were actually available in a few of the places we stopped, but we weren't any one location long enough for it to work for us.

For example, in Atlanta, you can visit
World of Coca Cola
Georgia Aquarium (with expedited entry)
Inside CNN Studio Tour
Zoo Atlanta OR The Center for Civil and Human Rights
Fernbank Museum of Natural History OR College Football Hall of Fame

For our World of Coca Cola tickets we paid $16 an adult and $12 a child.  That was a grand total of $84.  The City Pass Tickets are $73 an adult, but the value is $129.  Way better.  If you can groupon it, even better.

Anyway, we paid our exorbitant fee and went in.  It was kind of like being at church for Coke.  There was a movie about all the ways Coke enhances our life, exhibits with things like the American Idol couch (Coke sponsored the segment), a 3D type ride to discover the secret ingredient to Coke (Hint! It's You!), and a walk through the vault where they keep the secret recipe.

It was a little weird for me.

There was also a room where you and your children get a cup and can try all the soda you want from all over the world.

It's arranged by continent and labeled by country.  Very educational.

Plus, your kids can run all over a room (well, run as fast as they can while their feet stick to the floor) and drink ALL THE SODA THEY WANT.  Some of which are delicious.

When you want your children to stop, take them to Italy and let them taste this little gem:
Her reaction is not as intense as mine was.  

When you first sip it, you think it's just club soda, but then you get the distinct feeling that you've just vomited and the flavor is still in your mouth.


On your way out, you get a Coke in a commemorative bottle.

As you can probably tell, this wasn't my favorite stop. I think if you're a person who collects Coke bears or Coke Santas, or you actually drink Coke on a regular basis, you might really connect with their message.  Since we spend most of our time telling our kids that soda is a gateway drug, we didn't really connect with what they were going for.  I think I was expecting more of a factory tour, which could've been neat, but I didn't totally love this.

Next stop- food.

Actually, I believe this is backwards and we went to food first, but I am entirely too lazy to fix it right now.  We went to Greenwood's which is a really eclectic little place tucked away near a Jewish temple and a cemetery from the 1800s.  (I know this because I went on a walk after eating with my boys.  I love old cemeteries, so we explored). 

We got the fried chicken, which is sweet (weird for me, but good) along with a host of traditional side dishes like mac and cheese and collard greens.  I loooove collard greens.  So good! If you ever go, note that the fried chicken takes a full 30 minutes, so order it first and be ready to wait.  Also, the fried chicken is enough to feed 2 hungry adults or 1 adult and 3 kids....so don't be like us and order 3 and have enough to feed the whole restaurant :) 

Yes, that's Elvis.  Yes, he's watching over a totally sarcastic sign listing all the reasons you "Shouldn't have to wait for a table at Greenwood's".  Clearly these are my people.  

What else happened in Georgia...

I think that's it :) From Atlanta, we drove to Alabama.  Did I mention that we spent a good portion of this trip speed camping? We did. You can get great rates in camper villages as a tent camper, so we stayed most of these places for $20-$30 a night, and we just rolled up our tent and hit the road in the morning. 

It was hot, frequently, but it was gorgeous, especially in Louisiana, but we'll get to that later :) 
 I have no idea what my mom and my husband are talking about here....but his hand motion is certainly uncomfortable looking...
Camping! Whoot! 

Next up....Louisiana.


By Popular Demand- Our 2015/2016 School Choices

Because enough of you have asked what curriculum we're using this year that I've found myself keeping it up in a Word document so that I don't have to keep typing it, I'm going to put it here.  None of these are affiliate links, I don't get anything if you buy their stuff, I just don't want people emailing to ask me where to get them, so I'm saving a step :)

Singapore Math (for the 2 elementary students)
Teaching Textbooks (for the middle schooler)

Apologia Land Animals (I don't like this as much as I like the Apologia Chemistry and Physics we did last year, but I do like our science coop, so we're going to keep on keeping on)

History/Social Studies:
Sonlight American History Year 2
US States, Capitals, and major geological features

IEW at Harvester Teaching Services.  We get the books here and take the classes here.
My kids will (hopefully- one is wait listed) be in Ready, Set, Write, IEW 2, and Advanced IEW.
Grammar Revolution at Harvester- they use the Get Smart Grammar series. Spelling is taught in this class, as well.
My youngest is taking a reading class at Harvester, which includes spelling.  Our History curriculum includes both read aloud and co-curriculur reading books with it, so they mostly do those although we have a couple of "must reads" that go on our list, too.  Because of our literature rich history, they are allowed to pick generally anything they want for personal reading time each day as long as it's at or above their reading level.
We use Handwriting Without Tears and Typing Without Tears.  It is not always necessarily tear-free, but I like it.

Foreign Language:
We have a tutor who comes to our home and teaches us Arabic.  Surprisingly, this bothers a lot of people who want to know why we aren't learning Spanish.  I took 6 years of French and 3 years of Russian, which I loved.  I wanted to take a new language with my kids, and my interests were Chinese (because there are a lot of people who speak it!) and Arabic (because I have a degree in comparative religious studies with a lot of focus on Abrahamic traditions).  The Chinese tutor was $120 an hour.  The Arabic tutor was $40.  We are taking Arabic.

Physical Education:
We have a sport going at all times, in addition to daily movement of one type or another (bike rides, walks, swims, yoga).  This year we'll have one in gymnastics, one in swim, and one in hockey.

All three kids take lessons at Jessica's Music Studio.  Because I was a dumb choir student who never learned to really read music.  Also, because I am lazy.

My 2nd grader will be taking a class in Art, my 4th grader is taking cooking, and my 6th grader is opting to do a speed math class because he really wants to do Algebra in 7th grade.

What about socialization??
This question makes me ill.  But, in addition to going to coop, classes at Harvester, and you know, interacting with people on a daily basis, we have a kid in Scouts, a kid doing theatre, and a kid doing...well, everything because she can't nail it down to one thing.  Trust me, they see people.

What about testing??
Under Virginia law, there are several options for filing as a homeschooler and several options for showing proof of progress.  You can read about that here. We do Stanford Achievement Testing every year.


Meet DPGolf Academy!!

The DPGolf Academy, located at Broad Run Golf & Practice Facility in Bristow, VA offers a wide variety of golf instruction programs & classes to fit all skill levels, ages, and interests. Dave Predzin, PGA, CGFI; Yong Joo, PGA; and Terry Collins are experienced, friendly, professional instructors, dedicated to helping each student reach their individual goals. Our camp and after school counselors have been with us for many years, most of which were taught by Dave and selected as counselors because of their mature and easy going personalities and effective communication skills. Learn more about the DPGolf Academy and schedule your lesson online at www.DPGolfAcademy.com, or contact us at info@dpgolfacademy.com.

Current Group Classes Offered:
·      After School & Home School Classes: August – October
·      Pee Wee Golf: There is still room in our August Classes. We have also delivered this program to PWC schools. Please contact us for more information.
·      Get Golf Ready Fall Classes (for adults): sign-up with a friend and get $20 off your registration

In our 12th year the DPGolf Academy offers group and private lesson programs. Our PGA teaching professionals use proven teaching methods, combined with the latest in video swing analysis and golf fitness to offer you fully integrated golf improvement programs. Unlike others, we provide video swing analysis with adult and junior private lessons at no additional charge. Whether your lesson is in our private teaching studio or on the course, you will receive a voice-over video summary of your lesson that you can review anywhere, anytime.

For adults new to the game, we recommend our popular Get Golf Ready Classes. Six+ hours of instruction on everything from putting to driving, with plenty of on-course time throughout the class. We also offer TPI screening and golf fitness plans, custom club fitting, and club re-gripping.

For juniors (ages 6 – 17), we’ve incorporated the highly successful U.S. Kids Golf model with 3 levels of learning into all of our junior programs. This ensures consistent delivery of instruction across all junior classes and a structured, kid-friendly road map for learning to play the game. Our program also gives children an opportunity to build on what they learn from one class to the next – in After School & Home School classes, and full-day and half-day Summer and Spring Break Camps. Students are taught in small, age-appropriate groups according to their current skill level. Each child progresses at their own pace with the focus always on making learning fun!

For toddlers (ages 3 – 6), we offer Pee Wee Golf classes. This program uses the Starting New at Golf system with modified equipment with specialized teaching methods and games to make skills development easier and more fun.

To learn more about DPGolf Academy, visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube


After School at EFK!

Looking for an After School Program for your child? Why not make it educational, too? Check out the after school options at Engineering for Kids


Fun with Kids in Charlotte, NC

As I mentioned in a previous post, we did a massive road trip this year for our summer vacation.  We're trying to take our kids to see all 50 states before they graduate, mainly because I like a challenge, but also because it keeps us seeing new places!

Two years ago we did this:
We've currently done: Virginia,  West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, California, Florida, New York, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  That's halfway!! (PS, if any of you own summer homes in Hawaii or Alaska and want to invite us out, we are totally game.)

Do we see everything a particular state has to offer? HECK NO.  That would involve way more money and vacation time than we have.  But we do have a little fun and get the flavor of each state, plus the kids have fun ticking it off a map and doing a little workbook page about each state with its flag, flower, bird, motto, etc.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few things from our trip. Like this awesome picture of me imitating a mug:
It's really amazing to me that I'm not more popular. 
The first leg was down to see my cousins in Charlotte, NC.  They're the same age as my kids (second marriage), which is both weird (who wants a bossy adult cousin) and awesome (because they have so much fun with my kids).  Charlotte is a lovely area, and we enjoyed trying out a few things there:

1. Discovery Place Charlotte

We were able to take the LYNX Train to downtown Charlotte, which is about a 3 block walk to the museum.  My kids have ridden the metro enough times to not care one lick that we were taking a train, but my cousins were super duper excited to get to take "the metro".  If you use LYNX, note that tickets are sold in kiosks outside the train and you just keep them with you in case of a spot check. Prices vary for kids and adults, and you'll want to not mess up and click "round trip" on the kids tickets and "one way" on the adults like I did.  #MyBad

It wasn't cheap:
IMAX Discovery Film$10.00$9.00$5.00$5.00
Museum + IMAX Discovery Film$20.00$17.00$5.00$5.00
But the kids had a lot of fun.  If you go, be sure to check out one of the shows, we saw Rat Basketball and a liquid nitrogen show that included a giant ice cloud the kids got to run through.  They were definitely a good time.

PS, I don't understand in any of these kid themed museums why in the heck they charge more for adults.  You know what we're going to do? Sit on a bench and take iphone pictures while our kids do all the fun stuff.  That's what. It should be more for kids and a pittiance of an "observer's fee" for adults.
I digress.  If you are a WIC/EBT recipient, you can get up to six tickets for $1 each.  Bring your card (or whatever you'd use to prove this applies to you).

Rock Bottom restaurant was located just across the street from the museum, so we headed over there for lunch.  It was really tasty, I got a side of mac and cheese and a side salad.  

Because I can, people.  Because I can. 

3. Staying with friends and family is great because you can also get in a little freebie/down time.  We enjoyed hanging out at the neighborhood pool, playing games, and the kids tried to get as much time "playing minecraft together" as humanly possible when you need an adult to put a password on your ipod to get to play.  

My uncle being something of a foodie, and all of us being part German, he took us to check out the Waldhorn Restaurant.
This was amazing.  My daughter got the cheese spaetzale which was amazing, I had sauerbraten, people had roladen, blaukraut was passed around....noms.
All the noms.

If you don't normally have German food or if you've never tried it before, this would be a good place to start!!

Filial piety compels me to mention that their Black Forest Cake was not anywhere near as good as my mother's.  It's not their fault, they are simply too far away for her to bake for them nightly.

Following our two days in Charlotte, we left for Hotlanta, which will be coming at you next :) 


Review/Giveaway: Delivery by Peapod

Guys, guys, guys.  I have been on a road trip in a car with my family for nearly two weeks. Wanna see?

Whoot whoot! More details on that to come, but for now, suffice it to say, I have been gone a LONG time and obviously my fridge would not have been okay if I'd left everything in it for two weeks, so we cleared it out before we left.

There is my empty fridge.  What's left? Some Starbucks Iced Coffee, Hummingbird food (the bright red stuff is not, in fact, Hawaiian Punch), and random beers people have left at our house after parties.  Yes, those have jack o lanterns on them, no, that was not the last time we had people over, I think they just keep getting burried behind the new stuff. I think there are a few limes, and an orange. #GoodEats
But, as we all know, getting home at 11pm and then having to go to the store is not fun.  So, instead, I used the Peapod app on my phone to order groceries from our campsite in Arkansass to ensure that Sunday morning (we got back Saturday night) I'd have groceries before church.  Amazing.
If you've never used Peapod before, they're pretty much fantabulous.  You select your order and delivery time and they will bring your groceries to your house and bring them in to your counter.  You can change your order until the day before (in case you forgot something or realize you're running low on an item you hadn't ordered).  You can also do pick up if you'd rather.

It's really easy to shop on Peapod.  You can type in a keyword list, shop by aisle, or shop the specials, whatever makes you happy.  If you're a couponer, you can use your coupons, too- the savings will be deducted from your next order. They double coupons up to 99 cents.

Now, because I am The Tired, we are going to have YouTube Videos!! Strap in and don't get motion sickness, it's 7am on a Sunday and I drove like 8 hours yesterday.

One nice thing that is new to me (I've used Peapod before) is their Peapod Local Farm Box.  For $29 you get a selection of local fruits and veggies.  I got onions (3), a small cantalope, an eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, and 3 ears of corn in this box.  Let's take a look!

Hooray for local produce.  Now, I actually lined up all of my stuff for you guys.  I think I'm channeling some kind of leftover couponing mojo- so here is my "Haul" of groceries that I didn't have to go get, and didn't have to carry from my car to the kitchen:
Nom nom nom nom.  There are a ton of fresh fruits and veggies, with the exception of the green pepper (which is totally passable, but not the one I would have picked) are awesome quality and ready for me to eat.

Yay :)

Also, we have some cheese, ground turkey, chicken, almond milk, chobani yogurt, ezekiel bread, multigrain english muffins, turkey bacon, and hummus.

I buy a bunch of my stuff organic, but I didn't think the prices were bad! All of this was $150.81.  I paid a $7.95 delivery fee, but when you sign up for your first delivery, you get free delivery and pick up for 60 days.  That's two months of lazy/busy, which I am all about.

Want to hear me talk about my groceries until my phone runs out of storage because I took too many vacation photos? Wish granted:
And did it all fit in my fridge? It did!

Happy fridge! With yummy healthy food for the next week.  If you haven't tried Peapod yet, I'd really encourage you to give it a go.  I usually spend an hour or so in the grocery store, with my kids, and I would say that $8 is way below my billable rate for an hour, so it's worth the swap!! I especially like Peapod for times like today where I'd been traveling, before holidays (because who wants to deal with that!!) and when you've got company coming and you're already trying to do a million things.

Then again, I also like it when I just don't have time to go to the store. Which, really, is all the time.

I haven't tried the pickup, but I assume that's cool, too.

And, if you're not happy, you can call customer service and they'll make it right.  True story, I did a Peapod order in Massachusetts when I was pregnant with my first son who was 2 weeks past his due date.  It was Thanksgiving Eve and we had alllll of my husbands family and alllll of my family who had come for Turkey Day because they were expecting to see a baby.

For those of you who have gone past your due date, you understand the mental state I was in.

I had ordered groceries because I was so waddle-y that the idea of shopping for 13 people was overwhelming.  (Did I mention I was also in college full time?).  My order arrived and I was happily unpacking when I noticed I had 4 heads of broccoli instead of 4 packs of celery.

Obviously, being a giant ball of whale-sized hormones, I started crying.  I couldn't make Thanksgiving without celery!! I was going to fail my grandmother and my in-laws, and I was going to have to put on real pants and go to the store!! So I called Peapod and within 15 minutes someone knocked on my apartment door and gave me 4 packs of celery.  And he did not even bat an eye at the fact that I was wearing pajama shorts in late November in Massachusetts, because that's the kind of quality people that Peapod employs :)

Now I had everything I needed to make dinner! Which was good, because my family ended up having to make it for me because I went into labor at 5am on Thanksgiving Day.  #Winning

We really like Peapod, and I am willing to bet you will, too :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway __________________________________________________________________
Peapod provided me with a gift card in order to review their services.  All opinions are my own.  Yes, I called them crying when I was pregnant, and yes, they really did bring me celery.  Celery is important, you guys.  You don't even know.  #Celery