Running, Mommy-Style

Recently we had a mom ask about running with kids.  I am too fat to be qualified to answer, but I am well-connected, and the very beautiful and running-oriented Jamie agreed to cover some ideas for me! Thanks so much Jamie!! You're awesome!! (Be sure to check out her blog, too, which features the adventures of a single-parent marathon-aspiring rockstar mom!) 

Hi all!  My name is Jamie, and I am very excited to be guest blogging today.  Normally you can find me over Here.  

Today, I'm going to chat a little bit about running, and running with your kiddo's.  

A little background on me... I'm a mother to one 5 year old boy.  I did not start running (as a sport) until June 2010... and I was NOT about to push a 42 lb child in a stroller.  But I have been running.  and run in different places... and with different friends.  The more the merrier!  As I'm running, I've seen parents with strollers, and I've taken mental notes. 

Here are some cool places I'd recommend for running. A lot of the trails are not too stroller-friendly... so I would save those runs for the "mommy-free" moments you get. Because you get them a lot... right?  (heh....)  

1. Lake Ridge Park.  It's veryyy pretty, and shaded, and has a 'picturesque marina'.  You can smile and wave as you pass the golfers too.   It's also a short run... about a mile and a half around the park.  You can always run around the park more than once, if you so desire.

2.  Prince William Forest Park.  I will be able to tell you more about this park in a few weeks (my first trail race is there on October 16).  But, from what I hear, it's beautiful and has obstacles along the way that you can do. You do have to pay to get into the park..... if you walk in it's $3... drive in it's $5.  My Dad has told me that it does have its share of hills... but what trail run doesn't?  The Scenic Drive loop is 7.5 miles.... but you can also shorten the loop but only running to Turkey Run Rd and back (2.5 miles).

3. 234.  Yes, I know its a road.  But if you start out by Montclair, you can pretty much run until you want to turn around.  The path is far enough away from the road that you do not have to worry about any cars getting too close to you, and you can bring a stroller.   The more the merrier!  Its a smooth run, and it gets the job done.  From the intersection of Waterway and 234 to Warm Springs and 234 is 2 miles!  

4. Springwoods Drive-  Another road, but again... smooth blacktop that's far away from traffic.  The length of it is 1.75 miles.  

5. Sudley Manor Drive:  I live on the Western side of PWC... and this is my favorite spot to run.  It also has a big blacktop path that strollers, dogs, families walk/run on... and is 4.3 miles long!  It also connects with Linton Hall Road Trail which is the same... tons of room to run! There isn't much shade though... so I would keep in mind while running this, do it early! The Linton Hall Road Trail is  5.4 miles long, stretching from Nokesville Road in Bristow all the way to the VirginiaGateway Center in Gainesville.   

6. Manassas National Battlefield Park:  I haven't done this run yet, but plan too soon!  You can run without the traffic and "busy-ness" of business 234... and be right around the block!  [if you live on the West side... :) ] Refresh your memory with all the history as you run .. one of the reminders of why Virginia is so beautiful AND historical.  You can create your own mileage while running... but the main "loop" is about 8 miles. 

There's also Nokesville Park, Ellis Barron Park, and Rosemount-Lewis Park.  If you're interesting in just walking... there is the Conway-Robinson State Forest and the Bull Run Mountains Conservancy which is just north of Bristow.  

I definitely recommend using MapMyRun to create a route for you to use before going out on the road or trail.  All you need is a free account, and a landmark to plug in!

It's that easy.  

Thanks for having me, PWC Moms!  

xoxo, Jamie


September Volunteer Opportunities

Celebrating 30 years of service in 2011

Volunteer Opportunities!!!!!!!!
New Opportunities have been added.  Please feel free to share with anyone you know that may be interested in Volunteering. 

1.) Volunteer Prince William has just purchased a very robust searchable website from our national organization - the Hands On Network. This fabulous new site is built on the Sales Force platform and all of our volunteer opportunities and organizations will be transferred for us in October. We need a volunteer to help us set up the information pages. If you can help us with this short term project, please give Mary at call at (703) 369-5292-203.

2.) Are you age 55 and older and already volunteer in the community? Then we hope you will join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). This program brings together individuals age 55 and older to volunteer anywhere you already volunteer and provides for a small gas mileage stipend to offset these horrible gas prices. It also provides a wonderful supplemental Insurance program, fun activities and recognition events. But most importantly, allows us to capture specifically the value of your service in our community. Please come join us and be counted! Please call Coleen at (703) 369-5292 ext. 207 to learn more. 
3.) Volunteers are needed to do fun admin jobs during traditional business hours. Please call Tiffanie at (703) 369-6708 to learn more
And speaking of Habitat for Humanity – please join them on Sunday September 11th in remembrance of national unity. Volunteers are needed to spruce up the Restore with landscaping, cleaning, painting and general fix-ups. You’ll want to register for this ASAP on their website volunteer calendar:www.habitatpwc.org.
4.) Manassas Park is calling on all citizens to consider being a McGruff House. A place where kids in Manassas Park will know it’s a safe place with adult assistance. The goal is to have every street in Manassas Park covered by a McGruff House. To be a McGruff House is simple. Just fill out an application with background check and then you will receive a McGruff House sign to put in your window. We want kids to get out and enjoy the fresh air and this is a super way of keeping them safe. Please email Heather at:h.gustin@verizon.net for more information.

5.) The PW Free Clinic provides much needed health care services to those in need. They have an immediate need for a volunteer to take minutes at the monthly Board meeting. Please call Linda at (703) 344-4593 to link up with this neat group of both medical and non-medical volunteers.
6.) Father Ramon and the Don Bosco Center in Manassas have started their program for kids this month through September. It’s a fun program with activities for all ages. If you like working with kids then this is the perfect job for you. Please email Father Ramon at:frramon@gmail.com to learn more.

7.) PALS provide friendly visitors to adult survivors of brain injury. Volunteers are needed here in the community. Please call Michelle at (703) 451-8881ext. 232 to share a little of your time with another.

8.) Prince William SPCA have 2 new volunteer jobs available including helping at the shelter on Sunday mornings from 9am-noon taking pictures of the pets and administrative jobs. Volunteers are also needed to help with the neuter program on Friday and Saturday mornings by assembling crates, registering the pets as they prepare for transport to a clinic in Harrisonburg for the procedure. Please call Kathy at (703) 772-2799 to learn more or visit their website at: pwspca.org.

9.) The Holiday project is looking for volunteers to visit individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, shelters and long-term care facilities on all the holidays. Please visit their website for more information at: www.holidayproject.org or call Robin at (703) 370-0370 to learn more about their good work throughout the year.

10.) The Prince William Area Free Clinic needs medical professional volunteers to help at the clinics in both Manassas and Woodbridge. These clinics are in the early evening so it’s the perfect opportunity for doctors and nurses to help those less fortunate after work. Volunteer translators are also needed in both clinics. Please email Linda in Woodbridge at linda.franklin@pwafc.org or Angela in Manassas at angela.lambert@pwafc.org. They also need volunteer Dentists and Dental Assistants. 

11.) SERVE needs volunteers to help them screen families for eligibility in the SNAP food stamp program. They just need you one day a week during traditional business hours. This program is so helpful to many families, please email Gail at:  ghkomro@nvfs.org to learn more.
12.) The House of Mercy needs volunteers to help at the thrift Store in Manassas to sort clothes or help donors unload their car. Great job for teens age 14 and above and fun place to be. The Thrift Store is open Monday-Saturday.  If retail is not your thing what about helping folks with their language skills? House of Mercy is also in need of English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors at their Manassas location. Please call Ann at (703) 659-1636 for more information.
13.) Please take a few moments to prepare your household for power outages. Please visit www.ready.gov for lots of good information.

14.) ACTS in Dumfries has 2 fun jobs available. The food pantry needs volunteers to pick up donations in the mornings from local grocery stores. Please call Taylor at (703) 221-3186 ext. 240 for the specifics.  Volunteers are also needed for the 24 hour Helpline. This fabulous opportunity comes with 40 hours of training to prepare you for this very special job. Please call James at (703) 221-1144 for more information. You can also register for these opportunities on the website at: actspwc.org.

15.) ACTS/Turning Points need a few good men to help facilitate a men’s group who have experienced domestic violence in their family. You will receive all the training needed as well as support as you go about this wonderful service. Please call Megan at (703) 221-4460 ext. 225 to learn more.

16.) Help residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities advocate for their rights, resolve conflicts and improve their lives. The Northern Virginia Long- Term Care Ombudsman Program needs volunteers who can commit four hours a week for one year. Visits occur between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays. Contact 703-324-5861; TTY 711 or go to www.fairfaxcounty.gov/ltcombudsman.

17.) The Salvation Army in Fairfax is having their next Disaster Corps training on Saturday September 10th.  Come be part of this well trained group of volunteers meet the needs during relief operations.  Please call Liz at (202) 756-3906 to register for this important training.

18.) The Clock Tower Thrift Shop in Centreville needs help sorting and organizing donations, ensuring the shopping area is organized and assisting customers with their purchases. This is a great group opportunity! Volunteers age 12-15 may volunteer if accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Thrift Shop is open 7 days a week and is open until 8pm during the week! The Thrift Shop benefits all programs of Northern Virginia Family Service. Please call (703)219-2193 for more information.

19.) The American Red Cross office in Quantico need volunteers to help in their busy office. These wonderful folks help service men and women stationed overseas as well as all the other cool stuff done here in our community including training and disaster services. Please call Gary at (703) 932-1118 if you can help him during traditional business hours. 
20.) Historic Manassas Inc. is gearing up for more fun activities this fall. Volunteers are needed on Saturday September 17th from 11am-6pm to help at the 1st. Annual Bands, Brews & BBQ Festival. Sorry teens, you must be 21 yrs old to volunteers for this event but all are certainly welcome for the Fall Jubilee on Saturday October 1st from 10am-5pm. These one day events are tons of fun. Please call Robin at (703) 361-6599 ext. 101 to learn more.

21.) CASA needs new volunteers to serve on the newly created Resource Development Committee. This is the perfect opportunity for creative, motivated volunteers who love pulling together an event from start to finish. Please email Tina at:casacards@earthlink.net to learn more.
22.) INOVA VNA Home Health Care reach out every day to homebound patients with needed health services. Volunteers are needed throughout the community as friendly visitors to provide companionship or maybe doing a little something around their house. Training is provided. Please call Marion at (703) 916-2885 for more information.

23.) Those super kids are doing super stuff with the Joe 15 Team. Bring your energy, spirit and leadership skills to the table and work on that volunteering resume for college at the same time. Please call Debbie at (703) 895-1606 or check out the website: www.thejoe15team.org to learn more.

24.) The Manassas Park Police Department is looking for volunteers in a number of positions. Come be part of their Volunteers in Police Service Program. You could be working in fleet management, data entry, FOIA requests, administrative assistance, accreditation or crime prevention. Please call Lt. Roberts at (703) 361-1136 to learn more.

25.) OAR of Fairfax County is a local non-profit restorative justice organization providing human services since 1971. Many volunteer opportunities exist to help OAR further its mission to rebuild lives and break the cycle of crime to create a safer community. OAR volunteers provide vital services and program support to ex-offenders and their families. A list of volunteer opportunities follows. Teach anger management, parenting, life skills, financial literacy, computers, employability skills, and keyboarding at the Fairfax Adult Detention Center or in the OAR Office. Mentor face to face. Serve as a Family Outreach Volunteer during visiting hours or interact with clients directly by staffing OAR's front desk. For information on these and other opportunities contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (703) 246-3033.

26.) Guiding Eyes for the Blind are looking for puppy raisers. This lovely organization places puppies in homes where they learn obedience, good house manners and socialization. And because these puppies will be the life line for another throughout their lives, it doesn’t matter if you are single or live in an apartment or home or have lots of members of you family or for that matter have any experience with dogs. For more information please visit their website at: www.guidingeyes.org or email Beth at:bethsalvaggio@comcast.net.

27.) The Alzheimer’s Association offer support groups for anyone caring for an elder with this challenging disease. The groups provide a place for you to share information, get tips or to learn more about the journey your loved one is traveling. These groups meet at Westminster at Lake Ridge, Caton Merchant House, Manassas St Thomas, Sudley North Government Building, the Woodbridge Senior Center and the Old Bridge United Methodist Church. To find the exact times for each please call the helpline at (703) 359-4440.

28.) The wonderful folks at BEACON adult literacy are gearing up for their next tutor training this fall.  Volunteers are especially needed in the Woodbridge area to work with adults as they improve their literacy skills.  And of course you will receive training and all the skills needed to be successful.  Please call Caroline at (703) 368-7491 to learn more.

29.) The Greater Prince William Medical Reserve Corps is in need of health professionals and community members to volunteer for upcoming events such as health outreach and first aid tents. The unit will play a huge role in upcoming functional exercises, assistance for the Civil War reenactment, and other community events.  After registering and attending orientation, volunteers can register for training in emergency preparedness, disaster behavioral health, CPR/AED, first-aid, and others. Please email Bobbi at bobbi.steneck@vdh.virginia.gov  for more information or you can apply online at their website, www.vdh.virginia.gov/mrc/princewilliammrc   

30.) The Clean Community Council is looking for volunteers interested in joining their speaker’s bureau.  Tasks include speaking to kids, civic groups, HOAs and others on recycling concepts. Please call Kayne at (571) 285-3772 to learn more about this fun opportunity.

31.) Do you know of any seniors, disabled or low-income neighbors in need of home repairs, accessibility modifications to their home or in need of durable medical equipment then please refer them to project Mend A House for help. Please call (703) 792-7663 to learn more about all the wonderful ways they can help make it a little easier for our neighbors to stay in their own home safely

32.) The Greater Prince William Community Health Center is growing. Volunteers are needed during traditional business hours to help with administrative tasks. This is a busy place is a real resume builder and the perfect job for volunteers who are bi-lingual and have some health care experience. Volunteers are also needed with special projects and fun events. Please visit their website at: GPWCHC.org or email them atinfo@GPWhealthcenter.org to learn more. 

33.) The Calvary Counseling Center in Manassas needs volunteers to help with basic office duties. This is a lively office. Please call Dr. Chambers at703-530-9800 to learn more about this wonderful organization and their volunteer needs.
34.) Blue Ridge Assistance Dogs needs a volunteer to help with their newsletter. Please email Stuart at – seschadt@gmail.com or call Rose to learn more about this wonderful organization at (703) 219-7231.

35.) The Juvenile Detention Center is looking for licenses barber to come in once or twice a month to cut the boys hair. There are usually 5-8 boys in need of your services each week. Please call Jayne at (703) 791-3559 to help out.

36.) SERVE shelter haves an urgent need for new towels and pillows so as you are out and about please pick up a couple of items and take them to the shelter or give Jan a call at (703) 367-6742 to learn more.

37.) SERVE in Manassas has an urgent need for volunteer drivers to pick up food from area grocery stores on weekday mornings. It’s perfect for all the early birds to get up and moving and be home by lunch.  Please call Jan at (703) 367-6742 for all the specifics.

38.) SERVE needs volunteers in the food distribution center on Monday afternoons, both morning and afternoon on Tuesdays, Thursday afternoon and Friday both morning afternoons. Volunteers must be at least 16yrs old and complete the volunteer orientation program. Please email Jan at:jhawkins@nvfs.org

39.) The Woodbridge Dance Company is looking for volunteers to serve on their Board of directors and committees. Meetings are monthly on the 3rdWednesday of the month. This is a wonderful way to offer your leadership in forwarding the mission of this lovely arts organization. Please call Catherine at (703) 670-7884 to learn more.

40.) Birthright of Manassas has expanded their office hours to include Saturdays. Volunteers are needed to help in the office most days. This program offers free pregnancy testing and support services to moms and babies. Please call (703) 361-9769 to join the great group of volunteers.

41.) The Manassas Chapter of Families Anonymous is in need of a mature bilingual (English/Spanish) individual or couple who can help them with a 12 Step Program for other Spanish Speakers desperately in need of this program. 12 Step Programs are so important to families experiencing problems with loved ones that have alcohol and drug abuse issues. Strongly prefer an individual that may have their own personal struggles with a loved one. Please call Pat at (703) 928-9385.

42.) The Manassas Elks Lodge has a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Adult volunteers are needed now to help with Bingo by selling games and helping on the floor. Teens are most welcome to help in the Bingo Kitchen. Come join in the fun every Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Please call Dana at 559-313-9769 for more information.

43.) Literacy Volunteers of America also have their next tutor training scheduled for Saturday September 10th and September 24th.  Many adult students especially need a little help this time as they enroll and prepare their children for the new school year. You will receive all the tools needed to make this significant impact on another’s life. Please call (703) 670-5702 to learn more.

44.) The Disaster Preparedness Community Outreach program teaches all aspects of our community to be prepared for incidents that can affect lives. Volunteers are needed to visit schools, adult living communities, shelters and neighborhoods to share the message. This is the perfect way to learn more about your community and meet new people. Please call Bonnie at (703) 369-5292 ext. 202 to learn more.

45.) Guitars not Guns cordially invite you to their inaugural benefit concert on September 10th at the George Mason Performing Arts Center in Fairfax. Come hear the legendary folk-rock artists Jonathan Edwards and Jesse Colin Young perform. Tickets start at just $25.  Proceeds benefit their afterschool music and mentoring programs. Please email Skip for all the specifics at:skip@guitarsnotguns.org

46.) The wonderful folks at CASA cordially invite you to the 14th Annual Evening Under the Stars event on Saturday September 10th in Old Town Manassas. This fabulous event supports their work with neglected, abandoned and abused children and it is truly one of the landmark events of the year. You don’t want to miss it. Please call (703) 330-8145 to reserve your ticket.

47.) Please join Northern Virginia Family Service at their Community Walk for Homelessness on Saturday September 24th in Manassas at 12:30pm.  Registration is just $20 for youth and $30 for adults.  Proceeds benefit all the good work done throughout the community. After the walk you can join in the Manassas annual Chili cook-off and Kids fest at the Harris Pavilion. These free events are super fun for the whole family. Please visit their website to register for the walk at:www.nvfs.org/communitywalk.

48.) The Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District is in full swing with their education programs. Volunteers are needed at the huge Farm Field Days on October 19 & 20th, as well as many other special days with the Girl Scouts and the Occoquan Wildlife Refuge. Please call Laurie at (703) 594-3621 to learn more.

49.) The Community health center needs a licensed Pharmacist to check potential drug interactions and label medications for clients of the Medication Access Program. This fabulous facility is in Woodbridge and is perfect for you with a flexible schedule. Please call Navara at (703) 219-2193 to learn more.

50.) Manassas Park Department of Parks and Recreation are having their 2nd Annual Doggie Paddle on Saturday September 10th from 10am-3pm. Bring your dog for a swim in the “bay” at Signal Bay Water Park for just $5 and see all the exhibitors as well. It promises to be a fun time. Please visit their website at Manassasparkva.gov to learn more.

51.) The American Red Cross Youth Corps is having their first blood drive of the fall season this Saturday September 3rd from 10am-4pm at the Manassas Chapter House.  Please sign up on their website at: www.redcrossblood.org to save a life!

If you are looking for other opportunities, please don’t forget to call our team here at Volunteer Prince William Coleen can help Senior Volunteers with Retired and Senior Volunteer (RSVP) opportunities at (703) 369-5292 ext 207, Then myself Shelley (703) 369-5292 ext 201,Bonnie can help you with all the other many opportunities available in Disaster Preparedness at (703) 369-5292 ext 202 or please don’t forget our website’s at www.volunteerprincewilliam.org and www.1-800-volunteer.org. Also feel free to look for opportunities in our Call to Action Column that runs every Tuesday Morning in the local News Paper.

Thank you
Shelley Tibbs
Volunteer Prince William
Recruitment, Outreach & Disaster Services

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