Guest Post: Gainesville Little Tots

Thanks to the fabulous Jessica for writing about Little Tots in Gainesville! Jessica is not only an awesome momma to three, she’s also a Tastefully Simple rep.  Can we pause for a moment for the beer bread? Yum!  Check Jessica out HERE, and thanks, again, Jessica for the write-up!
My children and I headed to the Little Tots program today at Atlas Walk in Gainesville.  To my surprise, I had arrived thirty minutes early.  So, we headed over to the Target in the same shopping center for some drinks.  We were still early but it was a blessing.  We were able to get a spot in the shade under the tent that was set up in front of the stage.  The rest of the area was full-on sun and it was very warm.  Lots of children filed in and sat in the area in front of the stage eating little snacks their parents had brought for them while they waited for the show to start (note, next time, bring snacks).  

The show began.  We watched a reptile show.  Forgive me, I didn’t pay attention to all the proper names but there were a few lizards, turtles, snakes and a dragon-like creature, which “isn’t really a kimono dragon, but looks like one” and I can’t remember the real name.  The presenter was very interactive and very entertaining for the kids.
My 8 year old daughter was very interested in the show, although she wasn’t as excited about the content- snakes and lizards aren’t normally her thing.  My 5 year old son was very impressed of course and seemed to really enjoy it.  My 2 ½ year old daughter was actually very attentive for the first 20 minutes.  It seemed like most of the children handled the first 20 minutes very well.  The show lasted 30 minutes.
After the show we got to visit with the Little Tots character.  This is a 6 foot character  with a red Little Tots baseball had and green sunglasses.  My 8 year old didn’t seem to care too much about him, but was happy to bring her brother and sister over to say hello.  They gave him a high five and then we had a visit with the Chick-Fil-A cow.  We collected a postcard picture for each child from the table of giveaways as a souvenir and went on our way.
I would recommend bringing a blanket or something to sit on as some of the other moms did.  Also, get there early so you can get one of the few spots under the shade.  And, if your children are younger or have a short attention span, be prepared to enjoy the first 20 minutes and maybe bow out as some of the moms also did.  It seemed like everyone enjoyed the show, we sure did.  

Thanks to Jessica for her great review of the Virginia Gateway Little Tots program! These events happen each summer in Gainesville, Virginia right here in Prince William County and are a great kid friendly FREE program!  We hope that you'll check them out and let us know how you enjoyed it in the comments! 

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