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Recently we had a mom ask about running with kids.  I am too fat to be qualified to answer, but I am well-connected, and the very beautiful and running-oriented Jamie agreed to cover some ideas for me! Thanks so much Jamie!! You're awesome!! (Be sure to check out her blog, too, which features the adventures of a single-parent marathon-aspiring rockstar mom!) 

Hi all!  My name is Jamie, and I am very excited to be guest blogging today.  Normally you can find me over Here.  

Today, I'm going to chat a little bit about running, and running with your kiddo's.  

A little background on me... I'm a mother to one 5 year old boy.  I did not start running (as a sport) until June 2010... and I was NOT about to push a 42 lb child in a stroller.  But I have been running.  and run in different places... and with different friends.  The more the merrier!  As I'm running, I've seen parents with strollers, and I've taken mental notes. 

Here are some cool places I'd recommend for running. A lot of the trails are not too stroller-friendly... so I would save those runs for the "mommy-free" moments you get. Because you get them a lot... right?  (heh....)  

1. Lake Ridge Park.  It's veryyy pretty, and shaded, and has a 'picturesque marina'.  You can smile and wave as you pass the golfers too.   It's also a short run... about a mile and a half around the park.  You can always run around the park more than once, if you so desire.

2.  Prince William Forest Park.  I will be able to tell you more about this park in a few weeks (my first trail race is there on October 16).  But, from what I hear, it's beautiful and has obstacles along the way that you can do. You do have to pay to get into the park..... if you walk in it's $3... drive in it's $5.  My Dad has told me that it does have its share of hills... but what trail run doesn't?  The Scenic Drive loop is 7.5 miles.... but you can also shorten the loop but only running to Turkey Run Rd and back (2.5 miles).

3. 234.  Yes, I know its a road.  But if you start out by Montclair, you can pretty much run until you want to turn around.  The path is far enough away from the road that you do not have to worry about any cars getting too close to you, and you can bring a stroller.   The more the merrier!  Its a smooth run, and it gets the job done.  From the intersection of Waterway and 234 to Warm Springs and 234 is 2 miles!  

4. Springwoods Drive-  Another road, but again... smooth blacktop that's far away from traffic.  The length of it is 1.75 miles.  

5. Sudley Manor Drive:  I live on the Western side of PWC... and this is my favorite spot to run.  It also has a big blacktop path that strollers, dogs, families walk/run on... and is 4.3 miles long!  It also connects with Linton Hall Road Trail which is the same... tons of room to run! There isn't much shade though... so I would keep in mind while running this, do it early! The Linton Hall Road Trail is  5.4 miles long, stretching from Nokesville Road in Bristow all the way to the VirginiaGateway Center in Gainesville.   

6. Manassas National Battlefield Park:  I haven't done this run yet, but plan too soon!  You can run without the traffic and "busy-ness" of business 234... and be right around the block!  [if you live on the West side... :) ] Refresh your memory with all the history as you run .. one of the reminders of why Virginia is so beautiful AND historical.  You can create your own mileage while running... but the main "loop" is about 8 miles. 

There's also Nokesville Park, Ellis Barron Park, and Rosemount-Lewis Park.  If you're interesting in just walking... there is the Conway-Robinson State Forest and the Bull Run Mountains Conservancy which is just north of Bristow.  

I definitely recommend using MapMyRun to create a route for you to use before going out on the road or trail.  All you need is a free account, and a landmark to plug in!

It's that easy.  

Thanks for having me, PWC Moms!  

xoxo, Jamie

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