Reflections on a Theme Park Weekend (Or, "Things I'd Rather You Not Teach My Kids")

When you're out with your children and there are adults behaving badly, how do you react? What do you tell your kids in response?

This week we were able to take a family trip for two days to Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA.  It's a fairly short trip and we had a fun time.  I'll do an actual review shortly.

However, there is something about Sesame Place that seems to bring out the worst in people.  Maybe it's the large population of sleep-deprived parents of infants and toddlers, maybe it's the age-group and the constant "Lalalala" on the PA system, but each time we visit Sesame Place, I'm overwhelmed by the way parents act.  Here are a few things that we've encountered that I'd rather other parents didn't teach my kids:

1) Curse words as a means of communication.  
Dear Lady in the Bathroom changing her child into a swimsuit- screaming profanity at your toddler and telling them to "Get the F--- into your G--D--- swimsuit before I go berserk" in a tone that makes my child cry in the next stall is probably not effective for anyone.  Also, I'd submit you may have already gone.

2) Racial slurs.
Dear lady standing next to us at the VERY crowded parade (which happens each day down the main "street")- It's crowded.  When the 4ish year old Asian child next to you steps back and grabs your leg to prevent from falling over, it's not necessary to tell her mother to  "keep your (ethnic slur deleted) brat off me".  We're all hot and tired and packed in like sardines.  You creating an uncomfortable situation we can't escape from because we're roped in until the parade ends is not helping.  

3) Questionable Discipline methods
Dear Sir- While standing in line for the roller coaster, you picking up your child by their arm and wailing on them is different than spanking in a controlled manner, which isn't my preferred method, either, but as I understand it, is legal.

4) That the Fairy Tale Ends Quickly
Dear Unhappily Married Couple- I understand how hard traveling with kids is, but you two having a screaming match with each other in front of your children (who are crying and asking you to stop yelling) and the rest of us, all of whom are waiting in line for the roller coaster is not cool, no matter how frustrating the trip is.  

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  1. 5) Kids without parents.
    Dear Parent Who Intentionally Doesn't Know Where Your Kid(s) Is/Are-Do you KNOW how dangerous public places can be for kids? You are intentionally inviting someone to molest, abuse, or kidnap your child(ren). Find your kid(s), hug them, and haze yourself by researching crimes against children when you get home.