Move Your Feet for the Planet at the National Children’s Museum this April

Programming will celebrate both a healthy Earth and healthy bodies
Photo credit, Micaela Williamson

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD (March 21, 2013) – Honoring two of its core content areas, the National Children’s Museum will celebrate health and well-being and the environment through programs dedicated to movement, dance, reusing resources and helping others . All programs will take place at the National Children’s Museum at 151 St. George Blvd. at National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Md.

TOMS Sole Party: One Day Without Shoes
Saturday, April 13-Sunday, April 14, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
By partnering with TOMS to host One Day Without Shoes, the Museum will increase awareness of the health issues facing children who do not have access to shoes around the world. Museum visitors will have an opportunity to experience what it feels like to walk without shoes on various terrains and contribute their thoughts on how to make a difference to our NCM/TOMS pledge wall.

Free Family Night sponsored by GEICO

Friday, April 19, 5-8 p.m.
Enjoy free admission to the museum as well as hands-on activities and interactive play in the NCM theatre and exhibit areas. April’s Free Family Night will include programs that celebrate Earth Day. Please visit www.ncm.museum for more information on the free tickets and special programs.

Earth Day Artwork
Friday, April 19-Tuesday, April 30, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Visitors can celebrate Earth Day and the Earth’s resources by creating one-of-a-kind artwork from recyclable materials. All activities will take place in the Center for Learning and Innovation. Additional programs and activities may be announced at a later date.

Guest performer: Princess Mhoon Dance Institute
Saturday, April 20, 11 a.m.
Families can get their groove on with a special performance and dance class as part of the Princess Mhoon Dance Institute’s youth outreach program. Princess Mhoon’s dance programs help children discover how to use dance to better understand themselves and the world in which they live. This performance will take place in the NCM theatre and is included in the cost of admission.

Guest performer: Ballet Petite
Sunday, April 21, 1 p.m.
Experience the magic of ballet with a performance from Ballet Petite’s youth dancers. The event will take place in the NCM theatre and is included in the cost of admission.

Global Youth Service Day with Maddie’s Blankets
Saturday, April 27, noon-4 p.m.
The National Children’s Museum will celebrate Global Youth Service Day through a partnership with Maddie’s Blankets, an organization dedicated to improving conditions for rescue animals. Families will have an opportunity to design and decorate small quilts, which Maddie’s Blankets will donate to shelters and other organizations serving animals in temporary homes. Available as supplies last.

Activities in the Center for Learning and Innovation
Nature serves as the inspiration behind April’s activities in the Center for Learning and Innovation. Visitors ages 3 and under will enjoy a sensory garden and nature table; explorations of the wonders of the ocean; and storytimes featuring Lois Elhert’s Planting a Rainbow, Todd Parr’s The Peace Book, and Jan Peck’s Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea.
Photo Credit, Micaela Williamson

Visitors can purchase online tickets to the Museum for every day of the week. If tickets sell out online, tickets for that day and time slot may still be available for purchase in-person at the NCM box office. For more information, visitors may go towww.ncm.museum, email info@ncm.museum or call the museum’s main number at 301.392.2400.

The museum is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. between Labor Day and Memorial Day. During the summer months, the museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Standard admission is $10 per child or adult and $8 for seniors ages 65 and up. There is no cost of admission for infants 12 months or younger.

# # #

About National Children’s Museum
The National Children’s Museum (NCM) is a world-class cultural and educational center (www.ncm.museum) that inspires children to care about and improve the world. NCM opened in Dec. 2012 at National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Md. After operating as a “museum without walls” for several years, the Museum is now Greater Washington’s premier family attraction and the only national museum dedicated especially to children and their families and caregivers. NCM was designated by Congress in 2003 and was founded in 1974 as the Capital Children’s Museum.


May Day 5K- Run It!

The Lake Ridge RidgeRunners are a great group, and I've mentioned them before.  Whether you're an experienced runner (they've got some Ultra Marathon Runners!) or you need to walk your 5k, they've got peers, positive reinforcement, and encouragement for you!  I never ever ever could've run the Cherry Blossom without starting with the RidgeRunners.  

One of the great events the RidgeRunners host is the May Day 5K.  This is a great event, especially because it's so kid-friendly!  If your Prince William County (or wherever) elementary school has a running club, this is a fantastic event to run with the kids!

Here are the details:

This event is an annual community 5K run and walk through Lake Ridge neighborhoods.  We encourage participants of all ages and fitness levels.  Enjoy a fun-filled day of friendly competition, music, great post-race food, an award ceremony prize raffle, face painting for children, and much more!    
May Day 5K Fees and Registration Schedule: 
  • $12 Early Bird Youth Fee (until March 31, 2013 for ages 18 and younger)
  • $15 Regular Youth Registration Fee (April 1 to April 27, 2013)
  • $20 Early Bird Adult Fee (until March 31, 2013)
  • $25 Regular Registration Fee (April 1 to 27, 2013)
  • $30 Race Weekend Registration (May 3, 4, 5, 2013 NO SHIRT)
Packet Pickup: 
  • Friday, May 3, 2013, at the Woodbridge VA RUNNER store from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 4, 2013 during the LRPRA Annual Yard Sale, 8 a.m. to noon 
  • Sunday, May 5, 2012, from 6:45 to 7:45 a.m.  
  • Please pick up your packets early
  • Race will start promptly at 8 a.m. on Sunday, May 5.
Award Ceremony: 
  • The award ceremony will begin at 9 a.m. and include a raffle for prizes.
  • Top three finishers in these age divisions will receive a medal: 10 and younger, 11-14, 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60 and older.
  • Top three male and female finishers will receive a trophy
  • Top male and female RidgeRunners Club members will receive a trophy
  • The elementary school and the adult team with the most participants will be named “Fittest School” and "Fittest Team" and receive a trophy
  • The elementary school and the adult team with the fastest average times for its top five finishers will be named “Fastest School” and "Fastest Team" and receive a trophy


Ode to a Brain Tumor

**Fair Warning: While I typically try to stay neutral with you guys, I can't tell this story without sufficient mention of God, grace, and humility.  It would be a lie.  It's my best attempt at toning it down for you, though.  Take it or leave it :)  Many of you have asked about what happened/is happening, so here's as condensed of a version as I can manage.

Hello, my name is Kristina, and I had/have a brain tumor.  It's complicated.  Let's back up.

After jogging slowly in the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler last April, I was feeling pretty awesome.  While I wasn't fast (just ask my amazing friend Stacey who power walked next to me) I had worked hard to get to 10 miles! I felt healthy and awesome! Then, I started having the occasional headache.  By the time we went to the beach in June, I couldn't lay on my stomach because it caused head pain.  By July, waking up every morning felt like hitting a brick wall.  By the middle of July I was at the local ER in the middle of the night because I thought I was having an aneurism.  I had three kids without any pain meds, and I was crying on the floor- clearly I was either having an aneurism or a stroke.  The doctors told me that I was having a migraine, and it sounded like they were chronic for me.  They gave me some different medications and told me I'd need to figure out what worked for me.

The pain was increasingly difficult to deal with, but I tried.  I tried no caffeine, no spicy foods, more sleep, over the counter, massage, chiropractic care, essential oils, nothing helped.  Christmas Eve I walked out of service in tears because the pain was overwhelming.  The first week of January, I was helping my son brush his teeth to prepare for hockey, and I passed out.

Don't worry, we're saving for therapy.

I spent the next week in agony in bed.  My mother was, thankfully, out of school (she's at Mason, and I am so proud of her!) for winter break still and came to take over school for my children.  The following week, a new neurologist was able to see me.  Her name is Sheila Myers, and she's with Manassas Neurology Associates.  She took a great deal of time examining me and listening to me.  It was the first time I felt like someone was really taking me seriously.  Based on some family history, she decided to rule out a blood clot as a precaution, and Prince William Hospital was able to fit me in for an MRI the following week.

As much as it drives you nuts when your doctor makes you wait for test results, you don't want them to call back within the hour.

We gave ourselves 24 hours to totally freak out, and then I decided that the whole idea of what I was being told was happening was entirely too much for me to carry, and I was going to let God do it for me.  I reject the idea that God would give anyone an illness to "teach" them anything, but I believe He'll walk through it with you.  So that's what I did.  My level of calm and lack of tears freaked out more than a few doctors :)

The next week I was at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital meeting with Dr. Vikram Nayar.  He ended up admitting me for a few days (this is when I first told you guys I'd be out of commission with no details).  We were there for 3 days and I had my first 2 hour full spine full brain MRI with contrast.  It was horrible.  I had NPR on for 2 hours talking about Hilary Clinton making another presidential run.  My brain is a red state.  ;)

Here's a high-tech iphone photo of what they found.  All that white-looking stuff around my brain stem (near the middle around neck-height) was tumor.  On Thursday we had a second opinion at Johns Hopkins.  I'd prayed really hard for discernment about a surgeon and while JHU is an amazing facility, for us the whole appointment was not at all what we wanted.  My husband even left his laptop in Baltimore and had to go back for it after we'd driven home! We felt very confident about our choice of surgeon, even more than we had walking out of Georgetown after the admission.

The next Wednesday, February 6, I had sixteen (that's 16) hours of brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of a citrus fruit from my 4th ventricle, C1, C2, and around my brain stem.  So many things could have gone wrong or been impacted, and while I walk slowly and still feel wobbly and have a few other minor (in the grand scheme of things) complaints, I walked out of the hospital eight (that's 8) days later.  Well, they tell me it was eight, I spent the first several in the ICU on some incredible narcotic pain killers.  From the amazing women who came to pray and sing hymns with me the night before my surgery to the people who volunteered to pray in 15 minute increments all day long on the day of my surgery, to say that I was covered in prayer is an understatement, and to say those prayers were answered in great and powerful ways is completely inadequate, but it's the best I've got. Dr. Nayar is also completely awesome, I won't detract from his skill level, either!

 (To the left is me with hair- somebody got a nice wig, I hope!)

Oh, and, I donated my hair! I've always wanted to, and keeping a sideways mohawk (they needed a drain in the front and the incision up the back) seemed silly.   A huge thank-you to the wonderful people at Statements Salon in Lake Ridge whose manager came out to my house (because if I was going to cry I didn't want to do it in front of everyone) and mailed my donation off to Locks of Love for me, too.  (Not because I said I'd give them a shout-out, just because they were nice people.  I don't think they know who I am from Adam)

For the record, I cried at the prayer meeting that came right before the haircut, but I didn't cry about the hair.  I am so glad that someone else will benefit from my "crisis". For the record, if you've never had hair short enough to sugar scrub your head, you are seriously missing out.

So, where are we now? Well, I am incredibly blessed.  We have had so much help and love and support, and it's completely humbling.  People we don't even know have brought meals.  Friends and family have come in from out of town to help with children and hold our hands.  We've had access to absolutely the best possible care we could have EVER asked for.  However, recovery has been humbling in other ways, too, such as the fact that walking to the end of the block is now a struggle, or that one of my exercises at Physical Therapy is "sit down in the chair, stand up, repeat". I am slow and unable to be the mom I want to be right now, but thanks to the amazing people that God has placed in our lives, my children are happy and well-loved. 

My type of tumor is called an Ependymoma.  It's common in children, but very rare in adults, especially adults in my age group.  I had a complete and total removal of all the visible tumor, but there is a very high probability the tumor will return in a few years without radiation treatments.  Even then, it's fairly common for them to come back in 7-10 years.  However, with oncology research the way it is, progressing rapidly, buying 7-10 years means access to better treatments if it comes back.  So, next is radiation, the major side effect of which is incredible exhaustion.  We're opting to go to Duke's Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center, which was not an easy choice, but is, again, a discerned and correct one.

I would never have asked for this, but going through it, I wouldn't take it back, either.  Taking a very clear look at your life can be a great way to realize you don't regret things (like staying home with your kids) that you have questioned in the past.  I see now so many little and big things that made us uniquely prepared for this situation, that show me that God prepared us for it- from having our children at a young age (spinal radiation was on the table, which would have left me infertile) to choosing to raise our family in an area that gave us access to incredibly doctors, to my Physical Therapist baby brother having a certification in working with patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, my life is covered in fingerprints of a bigger plan at work.  Sometimes I've felt like I don't matter, and being surrounded by people willing to go out of their way to help my family makes me feel like a piece of a greater community.

I even learned that my husband loves me way more than Edward loves Bella.  I learned that for a fact. Without one complaint or gripe or call for recognition, the man has coordinated my care, interviewed my doctors, and advocated for me when I was too weak or too drugged to do it myself. Even though I was balder than him for a few weeks ;)

So....I feel like there should be a point here. If I had to sum up I would say:
1- Listen to your body, and don't be afraid to question a diagnosis that seems dismissive or wrong.
2- You matter to so many more people than you know.
3- Even in a really horrible situation, there are so many ways to see how blessed you are.

(Disclaimer: this is not medical advice.  I named my doctors because so many of you have asked, but you should make your own medical decisions based on your own instincts, research, and condition, not mine) 


Girls Day Out: Spring Essentials Under $30‏

It may be cold outside, but everywhere you look there are signs of spring — flowers are blooming, clear skies and store windows and displays are exploding with bright colored jeans, accessories and shoes. I've already started buying clothes for my four year old son but it's my daughter I am most excited about shopping for. Okay, okay, so she's only eight weeks old, but I am already dreaming of the mommy-daughter days out we will have in the future! 

Here I've put together two fun and comfy looks ideal for a girls day out. And don't worry! None of these will break the bank, no no no! With two kids I know how important it is to stick to budget friendly shopping and find the best deals around — all items featured here are $30 and under (click on the image to see individual prices and stores) and are from Target, Old Navy and Payless. The important thing is that they can be worn a variety of different ways throughout the summer and easy to dress up or down. 

Mommy and Daughter Spring Essentials

There is a misconception that being stylish comes at a high price, but you and the family can look and feel great without spending much. My favorite places to shop are Old Navy and Target which offer great prices and good quality clothing as well as local consignment and thrift shops.

For more budget friendly style ideas, updates and reviews for you and the family visit me at Very Busy Mamá — Life, Beauty & Style.



Spring Break Programs at the Skate-N-Fun Zone

Are you looking for some ideas for activities this coming spring break week?  The Skate-N-Fun Zone has some fun upcoming events this Spring Break:

Monday, March 25th: Moustache Skate 

Tuesday, March 26th: Carnival Skate

Wednesday March 27th : Lego Skate

Thursday, March 28th: Cheetos Skate

Find more programs, rates, and directions at http://www.skatenfunzone.com.


Lilla Rose Business Intro & Giveaway

20-second HAIR QUIZ:
1. Do you have trouble finding hair accessories that are comfortable, or that will stay put?
2. Are you tired of having to frequently replace your broken plastic hair accessories?
3. Do you wish it were possible to do an up-do in thirty seconds and look beautiful?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions, then please read on!

My name is Jennifer Scott and I have been an Independent Consultant with Lilla Rose since June 2012. Eh, what is that you said? Lilla Who? When I ask people if they have ever heard of Lilla Rose or a  flexi clip, usually I get a blank look in response. Maybe you are one of those who are not yet familiar with this company but google the name and you will find a lot of buzz about Lilla Rose products! Lilla Rose manufactures hair clips and accessories that are so beautiful, they are called 'hair jewelry'!

The Products:

Lilla Rose products are perfect for everyday use and for special occasions. There is a variety of  designs so everyone should be able to find something to suit their style, whether plain and simple
or bling is the thing!

 This is one of the flexi clips Kristina's daughter will receive!

Flexi Clips – These are the flagships of the Lilla Rose product line. Flexi clips get their name from the flexibility of the beaded portion of the clip, which is made with music wire and bends around the hair. The attached pin is coated zinc (think nuts and bolts) and has three notches for added adjustability.  This is one STRONG, DURABLE clip that will take a lot of use and abuse. I have heard several reports of customers mistakenly running the car over their clips and the outcome was survival without a scratch!

Flexi clips are COMFORTABLE! This is what really sold me on Lilla Rose! If the clip is in your hair correctly, you should hardly be able to feel it, if at all. There is nothing digging into the scalp like my old claws. Reports are that Littles who normally will not keep anything in their hair but for a few seconds, will keep in a flexi clip in MUCH longer! Flexi clips are also very gentle and will not break your hair. Another plus is that they lay flat against your head, eliminating the need to remove them when getting into the car, sitting in a chair,etc. I know of ladies who even nap and sleep in their clips. And if you have the correct size, they will stay put. ALL DAY! Sometimes it's the little things in life...

EASY TO USE! Flexi clips are not just for people who are experts at doing their hair! These clips make up-dos a breeze! Flexi clips really are a wonderful remedy for those of us (busy moms, especially!) who do not always have the time or energy to spend on our hair. Flexi clips turn even the simple pony tail into something extra special. So even if you didn't really do anything special with your hair, you will still feel and look like you did!  

Flexi clips are available in 7 sizes, so be sure to watch the Sizing and Styling Videos to help determine the size you need for your hair type and style.

Hair Bands – Another one of my favorite products, Lilla Rose hair bands are made with a stretchy, adjustable comfort strap. They stay in place without rolling and the beads do not pull your hair. Having worn glasses since 4th grade, I never found headbands to be very comfortable due to the added temple pressure but I can wear a LR headband all day! 
Hair Sticks – The original LR product, these make a nice gift for that pencil-wearer in your life!
You Pins – Large durable hairpins that are great for putting up long and/or thick hair!
Bobby Pins- Very pretty and secure! These babies aren't going anywhere! Suitable for ALL hair lengths, unless of course, you have a crew or buzz cut.
O-rings – A reversible design that folds around the hair to use as a pony tail holder. As it does not have the adjustability of a flexi clip, O-rings are better suited to hair that is coarser or has some body. My MIL loves her O-ring!

Badge Holders – Using the figure eight portion of the flexi clip, the badge holders are a beautiful, adjustable alternative to a fabric lanyard. Other uses include keys, eye-glasses or anything else that needs to be hung and kept within close reach!

Is there a guarantee? What if I order the wrong size?

All Lilla Rose products come with a one year warranty and there is a free exchange policy. If you buy an item from my personal inventory, I will happily do an exchange for the size you or your gift recipient wants or needs. Customer satisfaction is top priority!

How did you get started with Lilla Rose?

I first read raving reviews about Lilla Rose on a couple of blogs I follow. The clips themselves are eye-catching but it was the content of the reviews that really caught my attention. Comfortable, easy to use, durable! I watched the Styling and Sizing Videos and the clips really did look easy to use. Not ready to spend money on something that I wanted to try first, I unsuccessfully signed up for the giveaways. A short time later, a friend ordered a couple of clips and I was able to try them first-hand. I am not usually one to experience many 'A-hah!' moments but this was one of them. Everything that I had read in the blogs was true! Once I experienced the strength, ease, comfort and security of that flexi clip in my hair...well, it was simply love at first wearing! Good-bye broken plastic claws and stretched out pony tail holders! Although never having considered myself a sales-type, I found myself thinking 'I know a lot of people who can benefit from these, if nothing else I could buy them from myself give them as gifts to friends and family'. After some research into the business opportunity, I signed up. Having no prior experience with direct sales, I didn't realize until afterwards just how great Lilla Rose is as a company. I feel very blessed to be involved with such a supportive group of people, from the home office to my fellow consultants!

What are some of your favorite things about being an Independent Consultant for Lilla Rose?

Although Lilla Rose products work well for most everyone, one of the most rewarding aspects about being an Independent Consultant has been to provide a solution to women who have been unable to use or have a difficult time using traditional hair accessories either because their hair is very thick, long, thin or fine. I love seeing the expression on a customer's face (especially a skeptic) when they put that first flexi clip in their hair and it lives up to its claim that 'it WILL work in your hair'! I also love being able to showcase the merchandise which is beautiful, practical AND takes up less space than my old plastic claws!

How may we find you?

Visit my website at www.lillarose.biz/hairtohelp. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Lilla Rose ~ Jennifer Scott where I post specials, tips and events.

Sharing my love of Lilla Rose has spread to participating in craft/vendor fairs and festivals.
Locally, look for me March 23 at the Spring Fling Craft/Vendor Show held at VFW Post 7728, 12496 Harper's Run Road in Bealeton from 10am-4pm (childcare provided) and also April 6  at the upcoming Sassy Spring Craft Fair to be held at the Buckhall United Methodist Church in Manassas from 9am to 3pm.   

The giveaway:

If you are still reading, thank you for allowing me to share my excitement and love for Lilla Rose with you! I would like to give 3 readers the opportunity to win a FREE Lilla Rose item of their choice (up to $16 in value). An on-line account is required to complete the offer. This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada.  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NEWS FLASH! To celebrate the first day of Spring, Lilla Rose has announced a FREE SHIPPING sale on web orders with a retail value of  $20.00 or more. This sale will run until midnight, Saturday March 23, PST (that is 3am, EST). Exchanges are free, so this is a GREAT time to try out Lilla Rose! Orders typically ship within 24 hours and arrive in 3-4 business days with standard shipping.

Jennifer is a long time resident of Prince William County and in addition to Lilla Rose, keeps active between family (for whose support she will be eternally grateful), church, feline rescue with PW/RCAR and various musical endeavors, which include a small private teaching studio, Broad Run Strings and the Manassas Symphony Orchestra. She also has developed a passion for Traditional Foods and wants to use her business to serve God and others.




WHAT:           morning of fun and egg-citement as the Simon Kidgits Club presents the Easter-themed Third Thursday Event at Potomac Mills.  Children will take part in a Bunny Hop game, take home a complimentary Easter bucket filled with goodies* and enjoy a special appearance from the Easter Bunny himself!  Simon Kidgits Club members will also get creative with an exclusive Easter craft activity*.  Guests will delight in complimentary refreshments courtesy of Starbucks and Rita’s Ice, giveaways for moms and dads and the opportunity to cash in on a free $20 Bloomingdale’s – The Outlet Store gift card with any mall-wide purchase(s) totaling $100!**
For just $1, attendees will also be able to enjoy VIK (Very Important Kid) goodie bags filled with delicious snacks (while supplies last).  All of the proceeds collected from the VIK bags will benefit Simon Youth Foundation, which helps at-risk students earn high school diplomas and scholarships to realize their dream of going to college.

*While supplies last

**Present the flyer provided at the event and receipts totaling $100 or more from retailers at Potomac Mills between Thursday, March 21, 2013 and Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at Simon Guest Services and receive one $20 Bloomingdale's - The Outlet Store gift card; limit two. Purchases must be in the same time frame as the redemption period. Must be 18 or older to participate. Void where prohibited by law. See Official Rules and Regulations for more information.

WHEN:           Thursday, March 21
                        10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

WHERE:         Potomac Mills (Grand Court by TJ Maxx)
                        2700 Potomac Mills Circle
                        Woodbridge, VA 22192

COST:            Free

INFO:              Call Potomac Mills’ shopping line at (703) 496-9330, visit www.potomacmills.com or find us on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/PotomacMills.


Easter 2013: The Medical Leave Edition

Things take me a lot longer after 16 hours of brain surgery.  Yes, I said 16 hours. 

So, this is probably not the best Egg Hunt and Easter Guide I've ever done, but if you're looking for Egg Hunts for Kids in Prince William County or Easter Activities for kids in Prince William County, I can say I wrote something. 

Here we go.

Ticonderoga Farms Spring Easter Festival daily through April 7th.  $8.95 weekdays, $11.95 weekends.  Check the link for special events each weekend.

Egg Hunt and Marshmallow Harvest, select weekends at Great Country Farms. 

Friday, March 22 
(Not Easter, but I'm adding it anyway)

Saturday March 23
Stafford Parks and Rec- Join the excitement in this fun-filled day to celebrate Spring. Children will enjoy a day of activities including an egg hunt. Price includes all activities (food not included); no charge for adults. In case of inclement weather, the event may be moved to Sunday. Schedule 11 AM - 3 PM Food Vendors & amusements! 11:30 AM Egg Hunt for 2 and under 12:00 PM Egg Hunt for 3-4 12:30 PM Jonathan Austin Show 1:30 PM Egg Hunt ages 5-7 2:00 PM Egg Hunt ages 8-10. REGISTER USING LINK

Festival at Old Bridge will have a free egg hunt and pictures with the bunny from 11-1.  12351-12555 Lake Ridge VA 22192
Sunday March 24
Good Shepherd is offering a very special opportunity on Sunday evening, March 24th to experience “Chapel of the Cross.”  The sanctuary will be open from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. for you to come at your leisure and experience the passion of Jesus in the Stations of the Cross—Good Shepherd style.  There will be 14 stations plus an opening and closing area to experience and to contemplate the blessing of Jesus’ gift of himself to us. All adults and families are welcome to enter the chapel, but we ask that you please be respectful of the experience that others are having, maintaining the reverence and the quiet of the room.   14999 Birchdale Avenue Dale City VA (This is right next to the baseball fields near KMart)

Join us for Woodbine's Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt
This Saturday March 23 , 2013
From 10am-Noon
Egg Hunt, Games and Special Prizes!
To Pre-register call : 571-399-7159
12914 Canova Drive
Manassas, VA 20112
Make sure to bring something to pick up your eggs in!

Freedom Center- Bring your children to Freedom for our Spring Fling!  Meet the bunny and participate in activities including egg hunts by age group, arts, crafts, games, sports and more!  1-4pm
$8 in advance
$12 at the door
Parents Free!

First Baptist Church of Woodbridge will host a "Living Last Supper" from 6:30-8:30pm.  Call the Church Office for additional details. 13600 Minnieville Road Woodbridge (the big one across from Bally Total Fitness)

Monday, March 25
Stafford Parks and Rec- Join the Easter Bunny for a hunt just for the little ones! Don’t forget to bring a basket! You must pre-register for this event. Hunt will be held indoors in the event of rain. Ages 5 & under only.  REGISTER USING THE LINK

Friday, March 29
All Saints Anglican Church will offer a child-friendly Good Friday service. Using child-friendly drawings, participation, and concrete teaching tools, children will be gently lead along "the Way of the Cross".  4pm-5pm.  Please plan to stay with your child, although nursery care will be provided. 14851 Gideon Way Woodbridge.  (This is right next to Hylton Chapel

Family Funrise with the Easter Bunny. Crafts, Bouncehouse, and Easter Egg Hunt.  Chick Fil A at Bristow, 9:00am-11:00am

12-6pm, "Pre-Easter Skate" at Skate N Fun Zone Manassas

Saturday, March 30
Pump it Up Manassas will host Egg Hunts in two morning sessions! Sign up now to pay less. 
Grab the kids and a camera and join us for an inflatably fun Easter Egg Hunt! Kids will be eggstatic searching for eggs and bouncing on our giant inflatables with friends. They'll even get to meet the Easter Bunny! Don't forget your Easter basket! This event normally sells out - don't wait!

Kids ages 2-11
Meet the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs at the Eggstravaganza. This annual event is held Saturday March 30, at the Lake Ridge Association office (12350 Oakwood Drive) and begins at 9AM sharp. All children 0-10 are eligible; parents must pre-register children by Wednesday March 27, in order to participate. The cost is $3 for LRPRA Members and $5 for Non-Members. Don’t forget your cameras and Easter baskets. Call the Recreation Department 703-491-2154 for more details.

Free Biblical Egg Hunt at Chick Fil A at Bristow Jelly Bean craft, Storytime, Bouncehouse, Live farm animals, Easter Bunny visit, and a Easter Egg Hunt. 2:00-4:00pm Sunday, March 31
Leesylvania State Park's Annual Egg Hunt from 1:30-1:45 (don't be late!)  Hunt for prize-filled Easter eggs. Kids can color eggs, play games and make crafts. Learn about the history of the Easter egg and why it became a holiday tradition. Meet at the Visitor's Center

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The Law Office of Rebecca Geller $250 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Rebecca Geller, President of Law Office of Rebecca Geller

Do you have kids? Do you have a will? Every parent should have essential life documents like a will.  If you need a will, trust, and other legal life documents, enter our new giveaway

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This offer is only valid for DC or VA residents. To learn about the importance of a will, check out Rebecca's blog at http://rebeccagellerlaw.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/top-5-myths-facts-about-wills-and-trusts/

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Sprint Guardian for Families (and a giveaway!)

As I see younger and younger children with phones that are way more fancy than anything I ever had as a child, I frequently wonder how parents moderate phone use for their children.

Lots of families we know have rules about where phones are stored at night, some parents give their children smart phones without data plans so they can't access the internet, and others have a trust-based system of management.  

I am not that trusting :) 

Mobile carrier Sprint contacted me about trying out their Sprint Guardian program, which works on all Sprint Android smartphones and connects mobile security and safety applications from Safely and Lookout.  This means that once you purchase Sprint Guardian, you can access information from security applications in one location either from your phone or online.   This makes management of all your family phones easy and centralized.  You can even use Sprint Guardian to protect your Android phones from malware and spyware.  

One of my favorite included technologies is the ability for parents to enforce their family rules regarding phone use with Sprint Mobile Controls and Sprint Drive First.  Mobile Controls allows you to lock your child's phone either on demand or on a schedule, letting you ensure they're not using the phone during school, for example, or after 10pm so they're not using it at night.  Drive First 
automatically locks your teenagers’ mobile phones when they’re traveling more than 10 mph and unlocks when they stop driving.  It directs incoming calls to voicemail and silences distracting alerts while driving, too.  

All of these technologies come bundled for $14.98 per month for up to five lines on an account.  That offers a family of five a 73 percent savings over buying and paying for all the offered applications separately.  For me, while I don't have teenagers, just knowing that they couldn't text while driving would be worth the $15 a month.  

If you already have a Sprint Android device, you can find Sprint Guardian in the Sprint Zone application, which appears as an icon on your mobile device.  We were able to try Sprint Guardian on a pair of loaner Androids before writing this article, and I have to say that Sprint is definitely making it easy for families by putting all the security and safety features together in one place.  The only feature I wish it had would be a website blocker or "web nanny" feature, but other than that, this is a great option for families who want to keep their children's cell phone habits safe and under control.  

If your family still hasn't entered the digital age, Sprint is offering two lucky PwcMoms readers a chance to win their own Sprint Guardian-ready devices.  These phones do not come with service, but you can swap them onto your existing Sprint Plan, or activate them with a new one starting at $79.99 a month for an individual plan.  Don't forget to add Sprint Guardian to your new device if you win!!  Visit www.sprint.com/sprintguardian

On a related note, my Tech-savvy husband wanted to share his opinion on Sprint's mobile plans.  Please note that we're actually AT&T customers right now, and this is just his "expert opinion":

Sprint is really outdoing Verizon and AT&T with their unlimited data plans.  It goes way beyond unlimited data vs. capped/throttled data plans.  Verizon and AT&T have begun moving away from the traditional way of doing business where you pay for a phone or additional line, and you pay for some number of minutes and then you get a data package.  Their new way of doing business is to offer shared data plans with capped usage and overage fees on data while giving away unlimited voice usage.  Over time, it is likely that this is the only way you will be able to get a plan with Verizon and AT&T.  Here's the problem, these shared data plans look good now, and in many cases can even save you money now (it would for our family), but Verizon and AT&T know that data usage is growing at an ever increasing rate as screens get bigger and better, video streaming becomes more prevalent, and wireless internet speeds increase.  This means that your shared data plan with Verizon or AT&T might save you money today but cost you much more money in the future.  This is why Sprint's unlimited data plans are such a great deal.  They are the only plan of the three top wireless providers in our area that is in the consumers' best interest.

On that note, here's what you can win! 

Enter by emailing info@pwcmoms.com with which phone you'd like to win! Note that these devices do not come with service plans, but are Sprint Guardian ready and can be swapped onto your existing Sprint plan, or start a new one!

Contest closes on March 22, 2012.