Travel Review: Sesame Place

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It's hurricane-ing right now, so I suggest you definitely NOT go this weekend, but Sesame Place can be a pretty fun adventure for a family with YOUNG children.  As such, you are getting some vintage photos from the last time my family went.  We've been a few times now, and I have to say that being there this summer versus being there in the Fall for the Count's Halloween Spooktacular, GO IN THE FALL.  The park is basically open, you can get on rides with little to no line, and it's much easier on your children.  The water rides are, obviously, closed, but there are still lots of fun things for the kids to do, and they run hay rides and turn the water area into a fun halloween-maze that is very preschooler friendly (read: not too spooky).

 Awww, thanks Sesame Place for putting all those great photo-op areas around! This is part of the maze they put up in the water area.  It's really less a maze than a "walk around and see halloween decorations" but the kids loved it.
 Elmo's World LIVE!  This summer you needed to be in line for this show 35 minutes before it started to get a seat.  Our show was at 3:15 and we got in line at 2:35 and we sat, but separately.  It was insane.  In the fall, 15 minutes ahead of time has always been just fine. Older children can be Elmo's helpers, they're picked at random before the show.
 This is dinner with Elmo.  The characters come around to your table, the food is buffet.  Pictures with Elmo are taken by a professional photographer (we've done this 3 times and our professional ones are never good enough to warrant the $25) but you can take them yourself, too.  If you're going in the summer, I would say a meal with the characters is your best shot at getting pictures.  They are only allowed to be outside in costume for 15 minutes at a time and the lines to see them can be longer.  It's hot in those suits, so they will turn you away if the time ends and you're still in line.  In the fall it's pretty easy to get shots outside, but your children will love the "dine with me" experience, which you can do as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
 Thanks for pointing out that my hubby needs some propecia!! That made my day!! (It's cute because they have inverse hair lines!)
 Hello baby! Nom, nom, nom! Younger kids aren't always sure about the characters, but the meals seem long enough that they warm up to them by the end.  Even my little guy was ready to approach with caution by the end of our dinner.
 This is Oscar chilling out by the entrance.  In the fall there are very short lines, if any.  It's pretty awesome.
In addition to fun carnival rides like the teacups, a roller coaster, "flying fish", etc., there is also a playground and a soft play area.  Back behind the largest water slide (the one with a rubber duckie) there is a pump-car track.
You can see all the rides on their interactive park map.
As I mentioned before (read the post HERE by clicking "cancel" when the pop-up asks you if you want to go to the new site) the parents at Sesame Place leave much to be desired, but the park is fun for your little ones and they can basically ride everything. No lap children, but other than that, they're good with a grown-up riding along.

If you're military, this is a Sea World Park, so you may be able to qualify for free tickets.  I don't know how that works, but I'm sure you do! If you're not military, the Elmo's 2-day ticket gets you one day free.  We stayed at the Bucks County Sheraton and I can't say enough how friendly and helpful they were, especially in comparison to the hotel we stayed at in New York.

Sesame Place
Best for ages: I would say 2-6 would have fun here with 3-5 being the perfect age group.  My almost-8-year-old complained a bit about how babyish it was, and was mortified of the thought of having his picture with Elmo, but he's a great big brother, so he did it when his sister (3) asked him to. The rides are all tamer versions of their grown-up counterparts.  If you need to torment your pre-teens, this would do the trick. :)

Price: Children and adults are both $56.  If you put the kids in the car early enough (the park opens at 10) and left for bedtime, it would be possible to do this as a day trip, but you'll be tired when you get home.  We made the trip in 4 hours with a stop and some traffic. We chose to do 2 days and stay in a hotel.

Pros: SUPER CUTE PICTURES!! If you have an elmo-aholic, they'll love this place.  The rides are child-friendly and it can be frustrating for shorter children at regular theme parks.  The shows are generally adorable.

Cons: Other parents, bad food, overpriced everything.

Relatively nearby: Crayola Factory, Amish Country, Dutch Wonderland, Hershey Park

Note: This year they are having a Christmas event, and they also host children's performers- see their schedule for details.


  1. Angela Gasque PoundersJune 5, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    Thanks for this! I've thought about going because we do a PA trip every year to Lancaster. I thought it was pricey....I mean, how much is a 2yo going to remember about the trip? And its hit or miss with my irks with those character costumes! I think I would rather go to Hershey!

  2. Darn auto correct....my girls, not irks!

  3. Thank you for this, we are heading there in October and this helped me to solidify why. So excited for my 2 year old!