Touch of Gold- Not for kids, but Good for Mommies :)

In the interest of full-disclosure, let me start by saying that I work at Touch of Gold one or two days a month.  It's a great part-time job, and they're actually looking for another part-time sales associate.  It's not a lot of hours, but it's a great time playing with jewelry all day!!
Touch of Gold carries fine jewelry as well as collections like Kameleon (my personal favorite- I love sparkles!!)  and Troll Beads.

Come on in and visit me! I'll be working the weekend of the Troll Beads Trunk Show (September 22nd-25th, but come in before the 25th because the Occoquan Arts and Crafts Festival is the 25th/26th and you will have to shuttle over instead of parking by the store!)

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  1. Thank You gives me the knowledge about beads. I will take some more pictures soon ....But my son has to help me make a little video when I make a bracelet. I promise...... soon
    troll beads