Farmers Markets in PWC & CSAs Options

You all apparently love farmer's markets as much as me! Which is great! They're super fun for kids to enjoy, and they keep money local, which I'm all about.

Here's the skinny:
1) Occoquan Farmers Market (Saturdays 8-12 from April 23-October 29).  This is a smaller market that meets under the Occoquan Bridge.  Merchants sell pies, empanadas, salad dressing, dog biscuits, baked goods, crabcakes, and then there are 4 listed produce vendors.  I don't eat seafood, but Carrie over at Touch of Gold LOVES her some crabcakes when they're there!

2) Dale City Farmers Market (Sundays 8-1 from April 4-November 21st).  This is the larger of the two options in Woodbridge.  It meets in the commuter lot next to the Center Plaza Giant (intersection of Minnieville and Dale).  If they have a website, I surely can't find it, but from years past, there is everything from soup to nuts, so to speak.  Kettle Corn, baked goods, jams, jellies, produce, flowers, plants, meat, eggs (very limited supply last year- so get there at 8 if you want them, or pre-buy them the week before), and even sorbet.  Fair warning about the sorbet- the guy calls it the Holy GraEL of Sorbet and if you've never read "The DaVinci Code" it's okay, because he's going to talk your ear off about the holy gra-el and why he spells it that way.  You've been warned :)

3) Thursday Manassas Farmers Market (Thursdays 7-1 from March 31st-November 3) The Thursday version of the Manassas Farmers Market appears to be 1/2 the size of Saturday, which makes sense.  It includes baked goods, flowers, several produce markets, poultry, honey, angus beef, soap, beef, lamb, and eggs.  Westmoreland produce comes, and we love to go Berry Picking there :)

4) Saturday Manassas Farmers Market (Saturdays 7:30-2:30 from April 2-October 29) more hours and more vendors than Thursday! BBQ Sauce, baked goods, produce from several vendors, coffee, seafood, salsa, chocolate, poultry, honey, doll clothes, dry mixes, dairy, kettle corn, soap, sauces, beef, lamb, goat cheese, and confections.

5) Nokesville Farmers Market (Saturdays from 8-12 from 3rd Saturday in May through September) This market is cool because it's local-only, which is very neat.  It's also completely volunteer run.

6) Gainesville Smart Market (Saturdays from 9:30-1:30, no start/end dates on the website) This one appears to be super heavy on food items from around Virginia.  Hummus, turkish delite, pasta, goat cheese, chocolate, milk, hot sauce, cookies, pet treats, wine, bbq, emu, meat and salsa.


If you want your food pre-picked out and delivered, here are some CSA Share options that deliver to our area:

1) Olin Farms CSA (delivers to Moms Apple Pie Bakery in Occoquan) with options ranging from $165 for a winter share to $1,000 for an all-season share

2) Bull Run Mountain Vegetable Farm (FYI- Bull Run Mountain is what gets school cancelled for us 90% of the time when it snows, so a thanks to them ;) for all those snow days!) delivers to the Manassas Train Dept (near the Harris Pavillion) with options ranging from $440-$1175 with add ons for fruit and eggs available.

3) Graceland Farms (delivers to the Dale City Farmers Market) offers shares for $440 for "the season", optional winter-add ons for $100, and another option to add local cheese.

Hope this helps!!


  1. We love love love Bull Run CSA. The manassas farmers market is great for meat too! Great list ;) smart markets are great too, they opened one in pwc.

  2. That is so true about the sorbet guy at the Dale City Farmer's market! Thanks for all the info!

  3. I was wondering if the time you have posted for the Gainesville Smart Market is wrong is theirs posted wrong?

    They say Sunday not Saturday, they're in Oakton Saturday?

  4. Thanks for checking! I used their website:

    Which lists Sundays, but if it's wrong, I'm happy to change it. Do you have details?