Guest Post- Chuy's Prince William!

Thank you to Liz D. for checking this out for me! 

My husband and I got the opportunity to check out the new Chuy's location for the RedFish Fest.  Aside from the oh-so-rare chance to be outside of the house, together, without kids, we just plain had a great time and some great food.

We have been to the Chuy's in Springfield, so came in just a bit biased on the side of "YAY!  They're coming to our area!"  And we weren't disappointed.  This new Chuy's is taking the place of Macaroni Grill at the corner of Prince William Parkway and Telegraph Road.  The weather last night was gorgeous, which was wonderful because the building renovation isn't finished yet, so we were out in the parking lot -- a party tent, music, and tables completed the fun vibe. 
The staff was very friendly (which is something that Chuy's takes pride in) and we got to meet management as well.  While we were standing around enjoying our nachos, no less than three different staff members stopped by to make sure we were having fun, to see if we needed anything, and just to thank us for being there.  Many of the staff members had their kids there, too.  (I almost felt guilty for not bringing our boys.  Almost.)

Their food is fresh and delicious.  The margaritas are made with fresh lime juice -- and yes, I definitely tried one of those.  A few guys were mashing up avocados for fresh guacamole (mmmmmmm.... fresh guacamole....), and for grins I asked them to estimate how many avocados the restaurant goes through in a week.  After a few mental calculations (this many cases per day, that many avocados per case...), the answer was a shocking "probably about 5,000."  Five. Thousand. Avocados.  A week.  It's being made constantly in their kitchens in a really big bowl so that YOUR guacamole will be as fresh as MY guacamole was last night.
Finally, Chuy's believes in partnering with the community, and the have formed a charity partnership with our own local Youth for Tomorrow.  We heard from YFT's CEO about their work within the greater Prince William County area, which was enlightening and encouraging.  They're doing good work right here in our area, and Chuy's is helping.  Win-win.
Unfortunately, it looks like all of you guys are going to have to wait until December or January to enjoy a Chuy's right down the road.  In the meantime, there's one in Springfield, and another in Fairfax, if you want to get your Tex-Mex on before then.  Oh, and you can "like" them on Facebook:

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