Me Before You Movie Review

For some reason, the movie previews I'm invited to are always in White Marsh, Maryland.  Luckily, my brother and his wife live up there and are sometimes able to go! Here's his review of Me Before You.  

Overall this was a great movie, I loved the soundtrack, the cinematography, locations, actors. They really did a great job putting this movie together for adults. This is NOT a (young) kid friendly movie. Language was not a concern but very low cut dresses, specific mentions of portions of the female anatomy in an erotic tone. Also two situations discussing the act of sex and “what I want to do to you” moments. Biggest thing for this not being for a child under I'd say 14 is the actual content of the movie. That being, is assisted suicide ok? The movie brings in the Christian belief (Lou's mother who always wears a bright gold cross (while mostly wearing dingy dull colors so it sticks out) is morally opposed, daughter (Lou) has to make a decision as to weather to support the Will or listen to he mother.  This is really the last 30 minutes of the movie but is a big deal and is an underlying theme the whole movie with Will's mother and father always arguing about it. This is an emotional roller coaster that a young child is not mentally prepared for. Leave this to the teenagers and adults.  

Kevin and his wife gave this movie two thumbs up, noted that you'll want tissues (in fact, Kleenex gave out packs at the media preview) and thinks you should definitely leave the kids at home.  There is some controversy surrounding this movie based on the discussion of physician assisted suicide. If that's a trigger for you, you might also want to stay home. 

Kevin is a physical therapist in his very early 30s.  He's married to Lauren, and they live in Maryland with their two fur babies and frequent short-term additions in the form of Foster Puppies.  If you're interested in adopting or fostering, or would like to support a great cause, their rescue is called Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland, and can always use support. 

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