Guest Post Review: Disney's Moana

Moana is a Disney feature that has you follow the only daughter of a chieftain who is tasked to go on an adventure to save not just her island, but the whole world. This movie is the perfect mix of humor, sincerity, and excitement. One of the nicest aspects of this film is that there is no “love interest” on the female main characters part. It helps to keep you immersed in the film in a new unexpected way. The theatre was full of young children, and the easiest way to explain how good the film was, was that even though the theatre was fully packed, it was SILENT during the whole show, except for the frequent bursts of laughter.

This film is perfect for a daddy daughter date night or for the whole family. Great message and amazing singing, no bad language that I can remember.  Not that it was bad, but the crab scene adds nothing of substance and the song was out of place for the tempo of the movie. 

One warning: Parents…. Be ready for a repeat of the Frozen soundtrack, these songs are catchy and your kid will most likely burn out your eardrums with repeats!!

Kevin is a physical therapist in his very early 30s.  He's married to Lauren, and they live in Maryland with their two fur babies and frequent short-term additions in the form of Foster Puppies.  If you're interested in adopting or fostering, or would like to support a great cause, their rescue is called Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland, and can always use support. 

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