Field Trip- Clemyjontri Park, Great Falls

My youngest fell asleep in the car today on our way to the park for a picnic.  Rather than wake her up and lose the nap, we decided we'd drive out a little bit further and take the kids to Clemyjontri Park in Fairfax County.  If you've never been, do not go today, because our observations about the weather were WAY more optimistic than the actual temperature!! It was cold!!

However, do go sometime.

Clemyjontri was built to be an inclusive play area where children with special needs and physical disabilities could play alongside their able-bodied peers. What's nice about that design, even if you do not have children with physical restrictions, is that everything at the park is stroller-accessible, too.  That means that if you have a runner and an infant, you can still use your stroller and keep up.

The playground is massive featuring several play sections, including a swing area (both modified, tire, infant, regular, and bench swings), a maze, an imaginative play area that includes cars, planes, and a "road" for runners, strollers, and wheelchairs to drag race around the park, and a playground section with wide access ramps, multiple slides, various forms of monkey bars and teeter totters, balance beams, and the traditional "playground" equipment you'd expect to find.

In the center of the park is a giant carousel, which is closed during the winter, but great to enjoy in warmer months!  This park is a drive from PWC, and took us about 40 minutes to get to, but since we needed that nap, it was perfect, and we enjoyed the change of scenery!!

For more pictures (and the story behind that mouthful of a name), check out Playground Princess' Review HERE.

Happy Playing, and look for more local playground reviews coming up in the days to come!

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