Review: Willow House

Another Spring Break Giveaway!!

The very fantastic Sheri Suess (who was very patient with my totally off-topic questions about homeschooling!) is offering a set of three bud vases to a PWC Moms Reader!

As a consultant for Willow House, which was formerly Southern Living at Home, Sheri offers very stylish home accessories and design accents.

We bought our house when I was 20 (literally just turned 20) and it looks like it was decorated by a 20 year old.  Now that I'm pushing 30 a little bit harder, I want my home to be welcoming (which it is) and sophisticated (which it is not).

The Willow House catalog definitely gave me some fantastic inspiration.

First, I am bringing the apron back.  If you ever want to send me a present for some reason (and really, who doesn't want to send presents to some random person off the internet?) it should be an apron.  This apron isn't really related to what I want my house to look like, I just really like aprons.

We just DIY renovated our house Mike Holmes style, by which I mean we ripped everything out and started over, not that Mike Holmes came and did it, although that would have been lovely.  Have you ever gutted and rebuilt a bathroom? It's not as fun as it sounds.  However, these:
These are fun and would look lovely in my now-functional spa-inspired bathroom!

Next on our renovation list is our basement.  Being 20 when we moved in, I had just read that bright screaming lime green stimulates intellectual capacity in children and promptly painted my big old whompin playroom lime green. (Bonus: It's wood paneling, so it's now lime green paneling).  I now know that the way to use a color like lime green is in a neutral room that you make "read green" (I've watched a lot of HGTV since doing our house initially).  For example, this cute accent clock!
Is a YES! While my lime green paneling is a NO!!!

Instead, I would like my basement to look more like page 36 of the catalog that Sherri so kindly let me drool over:

Ahh, possibilities.

Thanks Sheri, for sponsoring our giveaway on facebook, and for giving me so many great ideas!!


To win the set of 3 bud vases, head over to Sheri's Willow House page between now and 8pm on Easter Sunday, and let her know PWC Moms sent you.  As a bonus, since Willow House is still clearing out its remaining Southern Living inventory, Sheri frequently posts AMAZING deals for merchandise as low as 80% off!!
This giveaway is now closed, but you can still order from Sheri's Website!!

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