Edgemoor Art Studio

 On Tuesday, my 7 year old and I got the chance to go check out Edgemoor Art Studio in Lake Ridge. 
 This bright, child-friendly studio is owned by the very sweet Ruth, who gets bonus points for sharing my philosophy that children are capable of way more than we give them credit for.  Ruth's students start as young as preschool, and she teaches both Art and Literacy.  Students use artist-quality materials during classes including oil pastels, paints, charcoal, found materials, sculpting, and more. 
 Students learn actual art principles, including motion, shading, sketching, painting technique, great artists, and design and implementation of projects.  Ruth shared with us during our visit that she frequently gives "homework"to the kids to do something like design a dog-wash that does it all for you, and then when the kids come back, they'll put their ideas together and build one.  Other projects around the room included still-life, group sculpture, and a sign for a Chocolate Sculpture Class, which she offers with Wine for grown ups ;) or with just chocolate for children.  I think that would be such a fun mom's night out!!
 Do you see these dresses? They're made of paper.  Edgemoor offers custom birthday parties (whoo! another non-mouse with pizza option!!) and these are for a little girl who wants to be a fashion designer.  Her party is going to be making their own fashion out of paper and then they'll have a red carpet walk at the end of the party.  How freaking cool is that?
This sculpture project made of recycled materials and bamboo was made by a 3 year old class.  I love that they include collaboration as part of the class with the younger and older children because for some of us (me) that is a skill that needs continuous development (even at my age).

Edgemoor Classes come in both parent and me and drop-off varieties, and there is an afternoon homeschool class, as well.  8 week sessions run $140 (materials included) for preschool classes, which are an hour long or $160-$220 for older children (again, materials included) which run for 2 hours.

There are also Art Camps offered, which are really on-par price wise with many of the park authority camps.  $175 a week, all materials included for ages 4-6 (9am-12pm) or ages 7-14 (1pm-4pm).  Phonics class info is available via email.

We were very impressed with Edgemoor and my 7 year old has not stopped talking about how he can't wait to go back!! There's an open house on July 10th, in the evening (there you go working parents!!) and I'd encourage you to go meet the very dynamic instructor.  We were definitely impressed and if you're looking for a great art experience for your child, this is definitely the place in Woodbridge to go!!

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  1. WOW!! I have never heard of this place and I am SOOOOO excited about visiting (and so is my daughter!!!) Thank you so much for this info!