Date Night!

I had a reader ask me about Date Night ideas, so here we go!! Please leave your ideas in the comments section below!!

Date Night in (and close by) PWC:

1) Manassas Side- Head to Carmello's Little Portugal.  It's a little on the expensive side, but was always super super good before the fire.  They've reopened and I'd be willing to give it another shot :)  Since dinner was on the pricey side, head to something on the cheap for afterwards! The Harris Pavilion offers a number of free and low-cost dances, concerts, and more!! (Also, we're in a recession, so if you want to hit the Subway directly across the street from the Pavilion as opposed to the fancy restaurant, I won't tell!!)

2) Awesome Wife Night- Do you want your husband to stop whining about the last chick flick you took him to? We've had some fun nights (fine, some fun laughing at my lack of hand eye coordination) over at Hard Times Cafe in Woodbridge. With sports, cold beer (blech), pool, and frequent special events like Live DJs and Karaoke, you can have a really great time hanging out with your guy and earning brownie points for the next Ralph Finnes movie you need to see. (There's also a Hard Times in Manassas)

3) If you need a little sunshine in your orange juice- Occoquan's Olde Dominion Wine Shoppe does $8 evening tastings as well as free daily mini-tastings.  Most of the shops close early, but you can enjoy walking the waterfront, feeding the ducks, window shopping and then a belgian waffle for dinner (do not judge me!) at the Cock and Bowl. They also serve mussels, which I don't eat, and an impressive list of imported beer.  Caution, however, because when my friend's husband's band (Yeah, it's called Derelict Dog.  Bonus points for using an SAT Hot Word in the name of your band Kevin and Bill!) would play the outdoor patio (which is where you want to sit, under the lights- very cute) our little group of 6-10 people would run up a pretty impressive bar tab if we weren't careful.

4) If your wine drinking needs would better be served in Montclair, Giorgio's/Wine Styles is the way to go.  I haven't been personally, but a few of my girlfriends did a ladies' night there and are planning another one.  The great thing about these tasting nights is that you can actually talk to each other.  Sit, have a few tastes, relax, and really talk.  My husband and I have a rule that we get any "business" out of the way in the first 10-15 minutes.  That means no talking about the kids, the finances, the cleaning, the dog, the drycleaning, etc. after that.  If you have forgotten how to talk to your spouse (and it happens) try this incredibly corny list to get the conversation flowing:  http://scottmoonen.com/2008/03/14/date-questions/

5) Hike.  Seriously.  Pack a picnic and head out to your favorite trail.  Try them all.  Bring bug spray.  Have a grandparent nearby? You can camp while you're at it.  A little campfire and some s'mores with your honey? C'mon that's amazing.  (Day Date: Head out to Skyline Drive and hike 7 Falls.  If you're hardcore, you can do Big Schloss way out in the boonies.  Here's a tip- don't do it several months pregnant in the middle of August, okay? Good)

6) Twilight Golf.  After 4pm you can hit the green for a reduced rate.  Little much for you? That's okay! Head out to your local mini-golf (Woodbridge, Manassas, Gainesville/Bristow, Montclair/Dumfries/Triangle)

7) You know all those local plays I list on the calendar all the time? They're pretty cheap and usually really good! VPstart Crow does some great work from what I hear.

8) Speaking of VPStart Crow, they work out of the Hylton Performing Arts Center, which offers a great variety of performances.   It's a great way to dress up and go to the theatre without getting on 95, which, as we all know, is the devil.

9) I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again.  I love the Workhouse.  I just do.  I know it's technically in Lorton, but that's way close to Lake Ridge, where I kick it ;) Their special events feature movies, gallery shows, dances, and more.  And, it's free to walk around and look....another cheap one!!  There are some great thought-provoking pieces.

10) Wicked expensive but totally awesome: Sailing at Leesylvania (less expensive: paddle boating or canoeing, most local parks with water access offer really affordable rentals, or borrow a kayak from a neighbor- we all know someone with one!) Scuba Lessons together (less expensive, your local pool/indoor swim center for some laps)

Anyone else have thoughts for local dates?

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