More Super Cuteness!!

Oh mommas, how I love it when I get a new box in the mail for a giveaway!! I have not once been disappointed by the cuteness inside!! (I'm waiting, as I've mentioned before, but hasn't happened yet!)

When PWC Mom Amy Harmon emailed me about doing Thirty One Gifts, I was psyched! Anything with "gifts" in the title has got to be good.  Plus, she was mailing me her giveaway item and I LOVE getting real mail.  I just never outgrow it :)  As far as I can tell if you love personalized items from a certain retailer that rhymes with "Hottery Tarn" or "Hottery Tarn Dids" you'll probably love Thirty One Gifts.  Here's a few of my favorites (all pictures used have been taken from the official Thirty One Gifts Facebook Page)
 If you can put ruffles on it, I can rock it.  I think this purse is ADORABLE and I would wear it with everything.  All the time.  Ever.
 Take that Hottery Tarn Dids! ;)  There are various patterns, but I love the customized backpacks!!

 Polka Dots.  Smart. 
 Oh hello June, why yes, you did sneak up on me.  Cute gift for the teacher? Done!

I also completely love the Thirty-One Gifts is named after the Proverbs 31 Woman.  Nobody likes her, she's way too perfect, but I definitely want to be her.  Wise, admired, and together.  Yep.

Our fantastic local Thirty-One Gifts consultant is Amy Homan, who's so excited to share the adorable wares she sells with you that she's giving away a Fold and Go Organizer in Boho Patchwork Paisley.  I've got mine here right now- it's fully wipeable (yay!) and has a pocket, a pad of paper, and a pouch, all of which fold up perfectly to go from purse to purse.  I've been using mine for coupons, you guys know how I love those, and a calculator and a shopping list- but you could also take out the paper and easily do wipes, diapers, and toys.  It looks just like the one below but in a different color (my camera is not cooperating right now)

This photo is from Amy's Facebook page and she's using hers to cart a Nook! Love it!!

These gifts are adorable and there's tons of great storage and organization products, which I love-especially in cute prints!! Check it out!!  To win, visit Amy's website HERE and then leave a message on her facebook page HERE letting her know your favorite item in the catalog. 
This contest is closed, but you can still visit Amy's pages to order!!

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