PWC Amateur Radio Field Day

The public is invited to come out and talk on a radio to a person located 
in the United States or overseas. 

The Prince William County Board of Supervisors has proclaimed the week of June 21, 
2011 as Amateur Radio Week.  The Proclamation recognizes the public assistance 
provided by amateur radio operators throughout Prince William County. 

Each year the Woodbridge Amateur Radio Club (WWI) participates in a field day which 
is an exercise in preparedness.  Field day tests the ability of amateur radio operators 
nationwide to establish radio communications to augment emergency communications 
networks should a disaster strike reducing normal communication. This exercise is 
particularly important since Amateur Radio is part of the Home Land Defense plans to 
provide nationwide communications should disaster strike.  WWI was instrumental in 
maintaining communications within the County during 9/11.   WWI will establish nine 
radio nets using generators and/or batteries on June 25th and 26th in the field opposite 
BJ’s gas station (Golansky Blvd).  

Amateur radio operators are licensed by the FCC and are called "hams."   One of the 
main tasks for “hams” is to be able to set up and operate under any circumstance, such as 
a natural disaster, that would disrupt normal communications.  This also includes police 
and fire radio communications that may have been disrupted for one reason or another. 

The measure used to see how well an amateur radio club can perform is to count each 
message sent and received, to and from other amateur radio stations.  Points are awarded 
for contacts with other radio stations.  WWI has participated in this event for over 30 
years and has placed in the top ten of the nation for several years.  Last year WWI was 
first in their class and second overall.  This field day WWI will erect eight towers that 
will support antennas to make contact with other radio clubs throughout the world.  
Although this is a US event sponsored by the Amateur Radio Relay League, many 
foreign radio operators will be on the air to make contact with the US operators. 

 Come out and see what amateur radio is all about.  The Club members will begin setting 
up at 2:00 PM, Friday, June 24 and the contest will take place from 2:00 PM Saturday, 
June 25th to 2:00 PM Sunday, June 26th.  The Club welcome center is one of the first 
items to be erected so come out and talk on a radio to other states or other countries.  
Experience what it means to be a Ham.  

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