House of Bounce

The day that we were at House of Bounce the staff was fantastic.  There were 5 staff on site (which is more than I've ever seen elsewhere) and they were all very interactive.  There was one, in particular, a gentleman with a large diamond earring and blonde hair who was running around playing with the kids.  That's not to say they were enforcing any kind of rules, quite to the contrary, but the kids were all having a great time and the staff was interactive enough that most of the moms actually got to (gasp) relax for a moment.

We had so much fun at House of Bounce this week! The site isn't exactly remote- but it's in an office park area so it's a little difficult to identify which set of buildings you're going to at first.  There's good signage, though, and we very dutifully followed the minivan in front of us with the happy stick people family and ended up in the right place. 

Walking up to the door I loved that there's reserved party parking! Schlepping out the presents is tough if you don't get a good spot. 

The cost for open bounce is $9 per child or $5 for 2 and under.  1 adult is free with each paying child, additional adults are $5.  There is an awesome castle-themed birthday room with an inflatable throne off to the side of the pay area.  Socks are required, but if you forget there are socks available for sale.

Inside there is a 2 entry obstacle course, a 2 sided slide, a birthday cake shaped bouncer and a round bouncer.  I was there with a 3, 5, and 7 year old.  Note that on their website, House of Bounce alerts you to open bounces that will have a large group attending so that you can try to plan accordingly.  On the day we went there was a homeschool group meeting, which was fine with us!

This is the obstacle course.  3 couldn't do it and it made 5 cry because he wasn't "fast enough".  7 and his new buddies loved it and played on it the entire session. 

3 and 5 loved everything else, though.  3 especially loved the slides. 

Mommy loved the coffee bar. 

Suprisingly, one of the biggest "pros" for House of Bounce is also one of the biggest "cons".  This place is CLEAN.  The bathrooms were clean, the slides were clean, there was an employee walking into the play area with a giant vat of cleanser when we were leaving.  The carpet (which is cute!) is also CLEAN.  They have the whole facility professionally cleaned every week. 

Clean, however, also means SLIPPERY! Slippery equipment and notably, slippery carpet. However, I'll take the clean and tell my kids to slide carefully of a moonbounce any day over some other things we've seen at less clean places.

House of Bounce Breakdown
Cost- $9 for 3+, $5 for 2 and under, $5 for extra adults (one free per child)

Pros: Clean, well-staffed, well-spaced
Cons: Slippery, limited bounce options (4)
Overall: Recommended, especially for kids 3-9.  Older kids might like more intense options, younger won't enjoy the slide and obstacle course without a parent doing it with them. 

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