Review: Locust Shade Park

Locust Shade Park is a great space in Triangle, down by Quantico just past Independent Hill if you're a 619 cruiser.  It's great because it's got several different amenities including mini golf, tennis, a batting cage, docks with rental paddle boats, gazebos, picnic areas, playgrounds, fitness trail, and an ampitheater. When you go in the main gate, the batting cage, mini golf, driving range and visitors center are directly to your left.  The ampitheater is further up on your right, and the playgrounds, hiking, and picnic areas are spread out along the road's loop.
 This is the boath house and gazebo just past the ampitheater parking.  We had a picnic in the gazebo, which isn't the cleanest gazebo I've ever seen, but the kids were quite happy with the shade!
Bonus: This dock is handicap accessible if you have people in wheelchairs.  This is also always good news for people with strollers. Boat rental is affordable at $4/half hour, and if you like to fish, they stock the water each year with trout and catfish. Note that you need a valid game license if you're over 16.

Locust Shade also has large-scale (and small) picnic facilities available for rental.  They're great for outdoor gatherings for birthdays, scouts, or church functions.  You can find a list of rates HERE. There are picnic areas that border playgrounds, which would be especially great for a child's party.
This picture of the ampitheater (credit: Prince William County Park Authority) does not picture the large overhead shade that is available.  They're triangles, make sure you get under them and don't end up in one of the gaps where there isn't shade or you'll cook (per our experience).  The ampitheater shows take cash or credit card, but they do handwritten receipt that includes your credit card number and charge you later.  If that makes you uncomfortable, be sure to take cash.  You can check out the ampitheater schedule on our calendar or HERE, but note that the season is obviously limited to times when outdoor weather will be conducive to a good time.

Locust Shade Park
Pros: Lots of different activites, no entrance fee
Cons: Wooded- beware of ticks and bring your bug spray
Caution: The boat ramp is VERY open and the sections that are "fenced" are spaced well enough that your small child could easily get in the water for a swim.  It's not that clean, I don't recommend it.

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  1. Was just as LSP today in one of the play areas. Bees were hanging out, and I finally got stung by one. This has never happened before, but if you or your littles are allergic, please be sure to bring an Epi-pen or other emergency item.