Marisa Tomei's Hair. For Real.

Tonight I went with my mom and her BFF (who's in visiting from Colorado) to see "Parental Guidance".  It was cute with a few funny moments, and definitely a good message about tolerance in parents and grandparents who do things differently.  I can see grandmothers liking it way more than moms like me, who are hearing the message, but not really interested in "buying what they're selling".

I mean, it was cute, but I'm not calling up "the other grandparents" to come stay for a week in the hopes that a black eye, fight with the speech therapist, and cake will result in happy family.

What I really want to talk about, though, is Marisa Tomei's hair. She's a gorgeous lady, don't get me wrong.  In "Rescue Me" her hair is fantastic, and her red carpet curls are definitely enviable.

This shot of her is from DesktopWallpaper.Net, if you want to have her stare at you every time you log in to your laptop.  I'm not here to judge.  My wallpaper is my husband and kids sticking their tongues out at me, so Marisa Tomei would probably be an improvement.

Anyway.  In this movie, they cast Marisa Tomei as a working mom of three kids who is the typical movie mom.  Fantastic wardrobe, amazing body, size 0 designer jeans and then someone must've taken a look at her and said "Wait.  We need to make her more approachable and believable as a mom.  Take away her hairbrush."

I don't really know why it bothered me so much, but it drove me nuts!! In every scene of the movie, the woman looks like she got up, put on her fantastic wardrobe, and then looked in the mirror and was like "eh, the hair is where I draw the line."

What's the message here? No matter how hard we try, we moms always look disheveled? That even the moms who seem to have it all together always forget something? Don't get me wrong, I know moms come in all shapes and sizes and appearances, but the fact that the hair person on set made a conscious choice to make her hair look like that really got under my skin!

I guess most things Hollywood says about moms frustrate me.  Don't even get me started about "Couples Retreat".  That's right ladies, keep those bodies looking amazing for your beer-bellied husbands, because all that matters is that he keeps a trophy wife.


Do you feel pressured by the TV/Movie versions of what a mom should be, or do you just ignore the hype?


  1. I've never thought that Hollywood was supposed to reflect reality -- that's what my mirror is for. Movies and books are more suited to escaping and exploring what life is like for other people. So nope, doesn't bug me a bit.

  2. Nah! I ignore the hype. I saw the movie, just enjoyed the movie and never gave it any thought about how her hair looked.

  3. I don't think I would have noticed, but watching the trailer, I think her hair looks a lot better than mine does most days. I didn't see Couples Retreat so maybe I'm misunderstanding your point, but it sounds like you think Hollywood is portraying moms as too disheveled in Parental Guidance and too perfect in Couples Retreat. I'm confused.

  4. I loved it and I want her haircut!

  5. I loved her hair in parental guidance!

  6. I loved her hair.

  7. That's funny...I thought her hair looked great in the movie and was just searching for pics to take to my hairstylist :))) To each her own, I guess :)