Giveaway: The Big Build/National Building Museum

Saturday, September 21, 10 am–4 pm

Be a builder for the day at the Big Build festival! Amateur builders young and old can discover what it’s like to build a brick wall, carve stone, hammer nails, and much more as they work side by side with designers, builders, and artisans demonstrating their skills. Meet plumbers, electricians, ironworkers, landscape architects, woodworkers, and experts in many other fields to learn about their professions and hobbies. At this year’s Big Build festival you can:
  • Climb aboard cranes and tractors
  • Build a brick wall
  • Construct a log cabin
  • Plant a tree and autumn plants
  • Carve stone
  • Imagine living in a tiny 500-square-foot house
  • Compete in a nail driving contest
  • Create a hardware wind chime to take home

New This Year

The Big Build Scavenger Hunt
Kids can pick up a construction hard hat from the Association of General Contractor’s table and collect stickers or signatures on their hat from the demonstrations and activities they participate in. Collect five and receive a prize!

Sidewalk Chalk City
What type of building or feature would you contribute to a cityscape? City streets will be marked on the G Street sidewalk just waiting for your chalk creation.

Getulio! A children’s play
Meet Getulio, the youngest of the Piccirilli brothers who carved the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. It’s a daunting task trying to carve the 19 foot statue on his own. Lend a hand and it just might get done.

Book Reading and Signing by author Isabel Hill
Isabel Hill will read her new book, Urban Animals of Washington, D.C. Join her to find the great architectural details that exist in our own neighborhoods. A book signing will follow the reading.
The Big Build goes green
This year, the Big Build festival goes green, celebrating the Green Schools exhibition with activities and demonstrations that explore how the construction industry helps preserve our resources. New exhibitors include Perkins+Will, Forbo Flooring, Love & Carrots, Little Main Street Playhouses, and Ideaventions.


Free access to the Great Hall,
historic building tours,
Museum Shop, & cafe.
Exhibition admission:
$8 for adults
$5 for youth, students, & seniors
$3 a person for Building Zone only
Free for Museum members.
And we've got a family 4 pack of tickets for the museum!! Enter by leaving your favorite thing to build with your child in the comments below.  Be sure to LEAVE YOUR EMAIL (do it like this: kristinalsk(at)yahoo no need to do the @ or put .com, I know the email extensions!) or make sure you'll check facebook to find the winner! Tickets are good for any day's admission, not just the big build. Winner will be selected Friday morning.
Giveaway Rules.  We haz 'em. 
This prize is provided by the National Building Museum, and this giveaway is not affiliated with Apple, the iTunes store, Android, Google Play, Facebook, or any other entity or business.  Winner is responsible for transportation and any additional purchases at the museum.  Entrants agree to be bound by all rules and regulations by entering. Good luck!


  1. Yetta34 (at) juno
    I really want to take my kids to this event.

  2. towers to knock over, of course.

  3. My favorite thing to build with my 3 year old son is a fort. We love building forts, especially around dusk when it is just starting to get dark ( but not too scary!) Then, once our fort is built (in his bedroom) we snuggle up inside and read our night time story. Last week, we got a new flashlight which he is especially excited about! Really excited about this event!!

  4. ooops I forgot my email!!! Sorry 'bout that! jmb13 at hotmail

  5. Love to build castles with legos or mega blocks with my kiddos!