Featured Organization Friday: Keep Prince William Beautiful

Helping Our Kids to Love The Environment
By Keep Prince William Beautiful, www.kpwb.org

It is essential to the future of our planet and to the future of our young people that they learn to value our natural resources. Therefore, providing opportunities for our youth to learn about and care for our environment becomes a vital step towards maintaining and protecting our planet. With America Recycles Day around the corner (November 15), below are some free and fun ideas to turn loving the environment into family fun!

Things to do inside
1.     Make a game of conserving resources
a.     Flip that Switch! Have you kids practice turning the light switch on and off.  Put glow in the dark stickers on the light switch so that kids look forward to turning the light off when they leave the room.  Placing a portable stool near the light switch will help children that can’t reach the switch on their own.
b.     Beat the Ding! Use a timer in the bathroom and challenge your kids to beat the ding by cutting their shower and tooth brushing time to be complete before the timer sounds off.  Make it a whole house competition by tracking who is the fastest each week.
2.     Read environmental books at story-time.  
The following books, and MANY MORE,  are available through the Prince William County Library System:
a.     Crinkleroot's guide to giving back to nature By: Arnosky, Jim. 
b.     Katie saves the Earth By: Manushkin, Fran. 
c.     Recycle! : a handbook for kids   By: Gibbons, Gail.
3.     Checkout some of these safe online resources for games and activities.
4.     Take THE PLEDGE to recycle: http://www.americarecyclesday.org/take-the-pledge

Things to do outside
1.     Organize a community cleanuphttp://www.kpwb.org/Community-Cleanups.html
2.     Adopt-a- Spot http://www.kpwb.org/Adopt-A-Spot.html
3.     Carry a plastic bag on walks, pick up litter along the way.  Keep track of the types of items collected and discuss better ways to dispose of these items and/or how to decrease these types of waste. http://www.longwood.edu/cleanva/images/data_form_volunteer_icc.pdf

Things to do on the go!
1.     Carry reusable containers when traveling to cut back on disposables that will increase landfill waste. 
2.     Create a car recycling bag to ensure recyclables make it home and into the curbside bin.
3.     Spot That LITTER! Write down the intersection or address where you see litter in Prince William County and email KPWB at info@kpwb.org.  Snap a few photos and send those along to help KPWB evaluate the level of litter for cleanup needs.
4.     Join KPWB on a Litter Survey by riding along with other volunteers in a van to grade the litter situation in Prince William County.  Youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. http://www.kpwb.org/Litter-Surveys.html
5.     Remember your reusable shopping bags.  

*BONUS – sign up to volunteer with KPWB at PWC Recycles Day (or any event where we are present with a booth) and receive a free KPWB tote.

Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit environmental organization that serves Prince William County. With a focus on partnering with residents, businesses and government, KPWB aims to educate and inspire residents to be environmental stewards in order to keep Prince William beautiful.
Currently KPWB has seven programs with volunteer opportunities. Many programs have ongoing volunteer opportunities for groups and families of various sizes and ages. No matter what program a volunteer chooses to pursue, ALL of  these great programs have a lasting effect on keeping Prince William Beautiful.
Along with the ongoing programs and volunteer opportunities through KPWB, fun events and opportunities to assist KPWB present themselves throughout the different months of the year.
Specifically, in the month of October, KPWB is having a fundraiser through the restaurant, Not Your Average Joe’s, in Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge, Prince William County.  Every TUESDAY throughout October KPWB will receive 15% of your purchase when you mention you are there for the cause and KPWB.

As already mentioned by an earlier PWC Moms’ blog post, Prince William County Recycles Day and Paper Shred is taking place on Saturday, October 19th, 10 am – 2 pm at the Landfill (14811 Dumfries Road, Manassas). KPWB, along with its current staff, volunteers, and Celebrity “Buster Bear” will be present and taking part in all of the fun expected for this event. If you’re planning on attending Recycles Day, definitely stop by and meet your friendly Prince William County environmental non-profit, KPWB!
Keep Prince William Beautiful 4391 Ridgewood Center Drive, Suite F,  Prince William, VA 22192

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