Readers Recommend: Marriage Counselors

We had a reader request for a good marriage counselor in Prince William County.  Good work asking- marriage is hard, but it's worth the work!! Obviously I have not tried all of these, and you should always check your insurance benefits before booking.

*I have heard great things about Prince William Family Counseling. They have several offices around NOVA. God Bless those referees!
--I don't like PWFC either. I tried several times to get help from them with other things They are mean on the phone and told me to look else where.
--I would go against pwfc. I was in contact with them for my son and even the basic contact from the receptionist and one of their therapists was unprofessional and nasty.

*The preist at the catholic church always helps.

*Dr. Carol Walsh with Life In Balance.
*I agree with Dr. Walsh!!! 

*Pastoral Counseling. There used to be a counselor named Becky (can't remember her last name) and she was really good!

* Also in Tackett's Mill Janine Cosentino! She is absolutely wonderful (703) 490-3210

* I am a marriage therapist in Manassas, you can look me up at www.wendyboyer.com And I would actually advise against PW Fam counseling, unless you have a good name of someone specific there...

* Occoquan counseling center http://www.occbc.org/

* I have heard nothing but wonderful things from several sources about Dr. Paul Jenkins. He's based in the west, but works with people all over the country. http://www.drpauljenkins.com/ 

* Therapy and Life Counseling on Hereford Rd (Dale City area) 

* My son uses phoenix family counseling. They have an office is Gainesville and woodbridge. I've been nothing but impressed.

* Richard A. David he's in Manassas and Old town Alexandria 703-541-6270.... He's awesome! 

All recommendations are freely offered by readers.  Your needs and preferences may vary.  Have a recommendation to add? Leave a comment!  

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