PWA for Junior Kindergarten

Why Choose PWA for Junior Kindergarten?
At Prince William Academy, Junior Kindergarten is not a daycare program. We offer a rigorous yet developmentally appropriate course of study that provides ample opportunity for students to grow in body and mind within a nurturing and caring environment.

With an advanced curriculum, our Jr. K students learn at a kindergarten level and leave our program with a solid foundation for elementary school. Most recent academic data shows that students who attend PWA Junior Kindergarten significantly outperform peers in Kindergarten who did not. Our 2016 data shows: 

After successful completion of our Junior Kindergarten Program your child will be able to demonstrate:
  • Letter Knowledge
  • Phoenemic Awareness (phonics)
  • Sound and Letter Associations
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

    1. Through thematic lessons and problem solving activities, Jr. K students at PWA are able to connect academic instruction with real world experiences. Spanish is offered four days each week, as well as the choice of Mandarin or Arabic twice each week, providing cultural opportunities students can use to expand their understanding of the world and their role as global citizens. Physical Education, Art, Music, and Technology help round out our curricular approach.

      At its core, our program is designed to help our students develop self-confidence as they learn in a cooperative setting, interacting with their peers and acquiring skills to explain themselves and their reasoning. 

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