Fun in the Snow

Helloooooo readers who clicked over here from Good Morning Washington! My name is Kristina, and if you look back at my previous appearances, you can play the "how many times does Kristina say "absolutely"" game.  It's a good time.

I made a really big effort not to do that this time.

Anyhow, we want to have fun in the snow with our kids.  Right?

Wrong.  We want to sit inside and drink Riesling and be left alone.  #TheStruggle

But we're good mommas, so we can do this!

Here's a rundown of my tips and tricks from News Channel 8!

1. Dress for Success
The worst part is getting your kids DRESSED! By the time you wrangle everyone and get them dressed, you're already exhausted.  Save yourself by making it easy-
1- Keep a basket of stuff for each child so that it's already sorted.
2- POTTY BREAK FIRST! There is nothing worse than thinking you're done and hearing "I have to go potty"
3- Layer- you definitely want a base layer, and if you have something wicking like smart wool or under armor, that's a great idea. Next go for your insulating layers, like sweaters or wool, and finally your outwear, which is ideal if it's water resistant and...
4- Tuck your edges! Anything you can tuck in (snowpants to boots, mittens to coat sleeves) is going to help prevent snow from getting into your child's fingers and toes, which are super vulnerable to cold.
2. Have Fun Outside!
When you go outside, you have lots of options. Of course you can sled or build a snowman, but you can also spray snow with water bottles of food color and water for a fun effect.  If it's under 32 degrees, bubbles will freeze once they're blown (just do it quickly!), and making your favorite sidewalk game (think hopscotch) into a snow game makes it extra challenging.  You can even freeze colored water into molds and hide it in deep snow for a fun "egg hunt" kind of game. 

3. Know When to Say When
Small children have a hard time knowing when they're too cold, and big children are stubborn as heck once they're having a good time.  Watch for red cheecks that look like they've been smacked or chattering teeth- they're a good indicator that your child needs some cocoa.  Also, if you're not using waterproof gloves, once they're wet, they're done. When you get inside, don't forget to hydrate- the cold can make people forget they're thirsty. Finally, know what the wind chill index is-20 to 0 degrees, not that I think most NOVA residents can handle it, is a significant frostbite risk.

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