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Let me tell you about the tremendous amount of trouble I got into the other day.  I have been avoiding actually going to the new trampoline parks because my brother (Physical Therapist) told me not to.  Granted, his growing list of things my kids shouldn’t be allowed to do because he had a patient who was injured doing them is getting really long.  Stairs, for example, or soccer, are also on the list.  Car doors, running, jumping, hammering, ice skating, all verboten.  Also walking on or off sidewalks. 

However, he’s also 6’7 so I generally try to listen to him.  Last time I had brain surgery he got to do my rehab work, so I like to stay on his good side. 

So when we were in Colorado a few months ago, I said my kids couldn’t go to the trampoline park with their other uncle.  Months of them asking later I finally relented and said I would take them to Sky Zone. 

My husband fed me a line of mess that I cannot even begin to describe to you here about what a hypocrite I am and how unfair I was being to his family….you guys, I can’t even. 

This really has nothing to do with the time we had, I just want you to know that I suffer so that you guys can have reviews. 


Now, on to the part you actually care about.

So we finally went to check out Sky Zone in Manassas.  It’s located in the old Kmart on Sudley Road.  The outside isn’t really all that impressive-

But once you get inside it’s really neat! The space is large and open, with tons of room to play.  There’s a foam pit, basketball dunking, dodgeball, plain old bouncing, and a lot of fun.  My friend and I got our waivers filled out and our kids checked in:

and hooked them up with their special socks-

And then we parked our happy selves upstairs in the viewing area- which is actually really smart! It’s above the snack bar and party rooms, and it gives you a really good vantage point to see all over the different jump areas, which is really nice if you’ve got 3 children who all went different places. 

You pay by the ½ hour, and we opted to go for the 1 hour option, which is $16/child.  Sky Socks are required, but you can reuse them, and are $2.  My kids were definitely hot and sweaty by the end of the hour, but they probably would have easily stayed at least another 30 minutes.  The stickers on your children indicate when you can start jumping and when it's time to go.

Riley (my 12 year old) said this was the coolest thing I’ve ever taken him to, and is currently plotting a way to get his Boy Scout patrol there for their next meeting.
 These older kids are playing dodgeball.  They also had another dodgeball court that was set aside for smaller kids to play in.  Dodgeball isn't a guarantee on slower days, but the day we went there were a million kids and it was really fun!
 The foam pit.  Kids bounce off the trampoline into the foam blocks.  Some kids just go traditional, others do backflips that will blow your mind.
Sky Slam is the only chance someone with my skills will ever have at slam dunking the ball.  But only on the short one. 

In addition to regular jumping (helpful hint- book your times ahead of arriving so that you don’t risk a sell out), Sky Zone also offers facility rentals, group events, just dodgeball, and special pricing for Toddler hours, homeschoolers, first responders, and they even have a special time for ages 16 and up to come in without having to worry about trampling little people!

And, of course, birthday parties!

Check out Sky Zone on Facebook, Twitter, and their website for more information and current hours and specials!

Disclaimer: PwcMoms was provided with free admission to complete this review, but all opinions are our own. Like any physical activity, there are some risks involved, and you must sign a waiver and participate at your own risk.  Please make smart decisions about what is best for your family, PwcMoms is not liable for your experience at any venue we review. 

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