Pediatricians in Prince William County

Finding a good doctor is way more complicated than it should be!! I always have trouble finding a doctor that makes me feel comfortable with my parenting decisions (I actually had one yell at me about giving my daughter soy milk because she breaks out in a rash when given cows milk!) or that seems competent (another one kept demanding I feel the same milk-allergic child "cream, butter, and cheese" to "fatten her up".  Um....no?) or that has an office staff that's pleasant to deal with!!

Some of our moms, however, seem to have great luck finding doctors!! Here's what our readers recommend in terms of Prince William County kid friendly, mom happy Pediatricians!  While the responses were overwhelmingly in favor of ALL Pediatrics, we promise this wasn't a paid ad for them!!


ALL Pediatrics
"been going since my daughter was born she is now 7 and I have a 3 year old!! WE LOVE THEM!!!! They have an office in Lakeridge, Lorton and Alexandria and open 7 days a week including holidays!"
" I second ALL Pediatrics. They're wonderful."
" I was looking for recommendations not too long ago myself, and ALL Pediatrics got the most recommendations, but they refused to see my kids because of an error 2 years ago (they said I never cancelled an appt. for my son, and they won't see people who no-show on their 1st appt.). The appt for my son and daughter were at the same time, so why would I cancel one and not the other? They said they'd see my daughter, but not my son. What kind of sense does that make, since I'm the responsible party for both of them??"
" I have to "second" the recomendation for All Pediatric's! NP Cooney is who my kids see, and we LOVE her!"
"ALL pediatrics is where we go and are very happy!"
Another vote here for ALL Pediatrics - their Lake Ridge office is practically across the street from our house, so they get top marks for convenience :) We usually see whoever is available, and I've been happy with everyone we've seen so far in the 3 years we've been going there...
 LOVE ALL Pediatrics, especially Dr. Caplan and Dr. Farber, but you can't go wrong with anyone there-they are all very nice!
 I use All Pediatrics in Lake Ridge as I see many of you do too :) No complains so far
All Pediactrics here!
ALL Pediatrics is who we use (for 11 years now). Only thing is to schedule a "wellness" visit takes 2-3 months. And then they couldn't schedule my two boys together - plus I need to take them to the Alexandria office. But up until this point we've been very happy with them. Dr. Kaplan is great!
All Pediatrics....for almost 10 years! Lakeridge and now a newer office in Lorton. Alexandria office just too far away. I heard they now have a block of time set aside for walk-ins.
We switched to ALL Peds and LOVE it!!!!

Dr. Indira Sindha
"My kids go to Dr. Indira Sindha...I like her :)"

NOVA Pediatrics
I actually go to NOVA Pediatrics. Not my fave.
I actually like NoVA pediatrics. I have twins and they have taken good care of them. I especially like Ginger Bietrich. The nurses are wonderful, especially Amber and Dawn.
I go to NOVA and really like them. You can always talk to a nurse if you need advice, and everyone is really nice. They can always squeeze us in in an emergency. I am not fond of 2 of the dr's, but the good news is there are lots that I do like (and I second Michelle's recommendation of Ginger Beecher. She's awesome!)
I love NOVA peds - Just not Dr. Seidman (one of the partners) Dr. Hamilton does all of our well baby/physicals and we LOVE the Nurse practioner Ginger Beecher for our two with - Ezcema, Asthma and allergies! Also Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Meyers. Very down to earth, do not push drugs,antibiotic or meds if not neccessary. I have four kid 7, 4, 4, and 3. We switched from Woodbridge Peds when my oldest was two and a Dr [performed a procedure without explaining]
I DESPISE NOVA Pediatrics. They take FOREVER to get you in a room and to see the dr. It also just has such an old and outdated feel. We switched to ALL Peds and LOVE it!!!!

The Pediatric Group
We've gone to The Pediatric Group for almost 21 years now ~ I have to tell you ... the doctors and nurse practitioners are great, but the front desk staff is not very friendly at all.
"We use The Pediatric Group - Lake Ridge. I like all of their docs except Dr. Tham, I ask to see anyone but her. The front desk staff is generally okay, but don't be late for your appt. or they do tend to get grouchy."
I love The Pediatric Group!

Dr. Touchette
"offices next to PW Hospital...he was our pediatric dr. for my now 10 yr old twins!!! He is the best!"

Woodbridge Pediatrics
I take Katie Marie to Woodbridge Pediatrics. They are on Opitz Blv.
Woodbridge Pediatrics at Opitz.
We also use Woodbridge Peds. I know they do work with parents on the vaccination sched, but I don't have any exp with that - we just vaccinated our kids when the doctors said we needed to. One thing I really like about the prac is one side is for sick kids, and the other side is for well kids.


  1. Dr. Azka Sophie at Kaiser WoodbridgeFebruary 13, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    Both of my children use her now and I generally don't have any problems. My son was born ten weeks premature and has require many many many refferrals through out the past two years for various complications and I have never had any problems getting the refferrals from her. She also takes the time to listen to my thoughts and give me hers and actually discuss a treatment plan that we can both agree on. While I don't like Kaiser as a whole I do like Dr. Sophie. And if you have Kaiser and end up at their after hours clinic and need a good Pediatrician I've seen them all and Dr. Batad is by far the best.

  2. Jennifer DontwanttosaylastnameFebruary 13, 2012 at 1:22 PM

    Thumbs up for Crestwood Pediatrics in Haymarket (also have a office in Manassas). They came highly recommended by numerous moms. Thumbs down for Watoto Pediatrics (Dr Williams. Too laid back, doesnt address things that should be addressed. You have to play doctor and push for what is right for your child. It wasnt just one problem, it was many.... too many to name. I worked neonatal/pediatrics for years. I feel bad for parents going to that office with no medical training.

  3. We have gone to Pediatricare of Northern Virginia since my boys were born. I especially love Dr. Katz and Dr. Giancola as do the kids--very thorough and great bedside manner. Offices in Manassas and either Gainesville or Haymarket--I forget which. Separate waiting room for sickies and the wait is never horrendous like at some places.

  4. 4201 Dale Blvd. (Located at the corner of Minnieville

  5. Bristow Run Family PracticeFebruary 13, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    We use Bristow Run Family Practice in Haymarket for us and our 3 kids. One of the doctors there is our former neighbor with three kids of his own. Great practice for the whole family. The office staff and nurses are amazing with the kids and we love Dr. Min!

  6. We LOVE the doctors at Manassas Pediatrics in Gainesville. They're always helpful and knowledgeable. It seems like they really care about their patients. :)

  7. We LOVE Haymarket Pediatrics. The doctors (Dr. Michelle, Dr. Krulla and Dr. Bauer) are ALL wonderful. The nurses and staff are all great too - very friendly and helpful. The facility is very clean with fun decor - each exam room is a different theme with full murals on all four walls which makes it fun for the kids. We've been going since we moved to Gainesville in late 2009 and my daughter was born. She is 2 now and I also have a 4 year old boy and a 5 year old boy. The kids never get nervous going there.

  8. We go to Dr. Takanti at Gainesville Pediatrics, and we adore her. Her practice is unusual in the sense that she is the only one running the office. There are no nurses or administrative people. She does it all. She is warm, kind, and has even done follow up calls with me to check on my sons. I think very highly of her professional manner. She genuinely seems to care for my family, and I highly recommend her.

  9. Dr. Indira SindhaApril 11, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    Dr. Sindha...I like her :)"

  10. I have taken my kids there for the past 9 years,Dr Prasad is really good with my 7 yr old daughter,but we have seen them all.My grandson is started off with his parents at PW adolescent and pediatric center in Directors loop ,but was given meds at a dosage to much for his age.I am now taking him to the Pediatric group!!